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1) ______ is a microorganism that does not usually cause an infection.
2) ________ are the diseases that can be communicated from one person to another.
3) In any scenario blood from all individuals should be considered _______.
4) The patient with an infection may come with ___________.
5) _____ may play a role as an exit for pathogens in the adult body.
6) ______is a person that is not infected but is unconsciously transporting harmful bacteria.
7) _______ is the process by which an object or area becomes unclean.
8) _________ should be used to sterilize equipment under pressure.
9) __________ is the return of an infection to an organ or tissue previously cleared of infection.
10) ____ is a disease state that results from the invasion and growth of microorganisms in the body.
11) _____ type(s) of gown will be acceptable in isolation.
12) ________ is the best type of evironment for growth of microorganisms.
13) ____ are the infected pressure sores on the skin.
14) ____ is the process of killing all microorganisms in a certain area.
15) _____ are the drugs used to destroy or kill bacteria that cause disease.
16) _______ are examples of bacteria.
17) _____ are the microorganisms that can cause disease in humans.
18) When using _______, a special device called a "regulator" or "flow meter" is necessary.
19) ______ could be the best suitable reservoir to live in for microorganisms.
20) ___________ techniques keep areas free of microorganisms.
21) Viruses need ____________ for their reproduction.
22) To ____________ is a physical or chemical procedure to destroy all microbes including highly resistant endospores.
23) By combining ___ the autoclave sterilizes or completely destroys microorganisms.
24) The term medical asepsis means that ________.
25) _____ is not a natural body defense mechanism.
26) ________ testing should be made available by the employer to all workers who may be concerned that they have been infected with HIV through an occupational exposure.
27) ________ are different types of microorganisms.
28) _____ is needed for a microorganism to live and grow.
29) __ is considered to be the first line of defense in preventing disease.
30) Disposable syringes, needles, scalpel blades and other sharp items should be placed in ____ containers.
31) ___ vaccine is a must for all health care workers dealing with blood or other body fluids.
32) ___ are required for an item to remain in the boiling water when using boiling water to disinfect an item.  
33) _____ is considered the single most important source of HIV and HBV in the workplace.
34) Disposable equipment is perferably used in healthcare facilities becuase it ________.
35) Shoe coverings and gloves should be disposed of in a ____ bohazard plastic bags in case of blood contamination.
36) ______ are the groups or clusters of bacteria taken for laboratory study.
37) _________ can be the way for administering oxgen to the patient.
38)  _____ approved germicidal should be used for cleaning all spills of blood-contaminated fluids.
39) While using a fire extinguisher, the hose is directed towards the _________.
40) _________ is a bacterium protected by a hard shell that forms around the microorganism.
41) ___ means to pierce mucous membranes in such events as needlesticks, bites, cuts and sbrasions.
42) ______ color is used for biohazard labels.
43) HIV stands for _______________.
44) The risk of contracting HIV infection folowing one needle stick exposure to blood from an HIV patient is aproximately_____.
45) _____________ should be used to pick broken glassware that may be contaminated.
46) __ means housing and caring for a person with a communicable disease.
47) ____________ requires the use of sharps containers.
48) It is suggested by studies that the potential risk for salivary transmission of HIV is ____.
49) ___________ is a restraint to prevent infants and small children from scratching and touching their incision.
50) HBV-Vaccain provides 90% protection against hepatitis B for about _ years.
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