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The skin is a __ membrane.
The layer of the epidermis that undergoes mitosis is the stratum __.
The outermost layer of the epidermis that is composed of the dead epidermal cells is the stratum __.
What layer binds the skin to the underlying structures?
The process by which strands of tough fibrous proteins develop within the cell membrane is __.
The pigment that occurs in the epidermis and absorbs light energy is __.
Which layer contains hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and nerves?
Which layer of skin functions best as a heat insulator?
Which cells contribute to the development of hair at the base of the hair follicle?
Which skin layer contains blood vessels to aid in regulation of body temperature?
Sebaceous glands secrete __.
What burn classification involves only the epidermis?
1st degree
A burn that destroys the epidermis, dermis and accessory organs of the skin is __.
full thickness.
What tyoe of graft is skin harvested from a cadaver?
If skin is taken from an unburned area of the patient and used as a transplant, it is called __.
What bones form the hard palate of the mouth?
Palatine and Maxillary
What 3 nerves innervate the foreatm, wrist and hand?
Radial, ulnar and median
Which muscle is responsible for flexing the hand at the wrist?
Palmaris longus
What are the two main arteries that supply the forearm and hand?
Radial and Ulnar
What is the common method determining the percentage of body surface burns?
Rule of 9's
What other pathology often occurs in conjunction with cheiloschisis?
What medical term refers to the condition in which digits of the hands or feet fail to separate?
The condition causing the contraction of the palmers fascia is known as __.
Dupuytren's contracture
A cosmetic procedure performed on the eyelid is a __.
Which type of donor skin graft includes the epidermis, dermis and possibly subcutaneous tissue?
FTSG (Full thickness skin graft)
Which body site is not ideal for a split thickness skin graft?
The calf
Which procedure may involve the use of the local anesthetic cocaine?
Which of the following is a synovial filled cyst that can arise froma tendon sheath or wrist joint?
Ganglionic cyst
Which of the following best describes the perimeter of the skin preparation for a ganlioncystectomy?
Hand and forearm
Reimplantation of a digit beings with __ attachment.
bone to bone
What surgical procedure is performed to remove hypertrophic breast tissue?
Reduction mammoplasty
Which of the following best describes the area of the skin preparation for a reduction mammoplasty?
Chest and breast, chin to hips including the axilla
Which procedure involves an initial skin incision within the hairline beginning in the temporal region superior to the ear?
Which instrument is responsible for expanding the surface area of a skin graft?
Mesh grafter
Which nerve must be avoided during a rhytidectomy?
All of the following are true for liposuction except
it can can be used for a permanent means for weight loss.
Which statement regarding an abdominoplasty is not true?
Abdominoplasty is the removal of abdominal fat in a patient who is obese
Which incision is usually employed for an abdominoplasty?
Low transverse
The main reason for using oil during a procurement of a skin graft using a dermatome
is to minimize friction
All of the following are false for the type of dressing required for the recipient skin graft site except dressing should
be wet.
Which type of of suture os most often used to close the skin in plastic surgery to achieve a cosmetic closure?
Centralization is a technique employed to correct
radial club hand
Which layer of the epidermis is found only in the thick skin areas such as the palms of the ahnds and soles of the feet?
Stratum lucidum
The thick strength layer of the dermis is known as
reticular layer
which pseudoriferous glands are found in the axilla?
Which pseudoriferous glands are distributed over most of the body and open directly to the skin surface?
The anterior portion of the palate that consists of the palatine processes of each maxilla and palatine bones is known as
the hard palate
Congential malformations of the palate occur during which part of the pregnancy?
1st trimester
How many phlananges are in a normal hand?
A freely moveable joint if known as which type of joint?
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