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Who can help assist with labor-management disputes in our department?
the industrial relations officer from the public information unit
In most labor disputes, what are the three groups involved?
1. Labor 2. management 3. law enforcement
What is the policy of the Seattle police department as far as the police position in labor disputes?
During a strike,what is the primary responsibilities of law enforcement?
1. protect life and property, maintain peace 2. must remain neutral 3. must be firm, yet fair and without allowing personal feelings to influence actions 4. must keep lines of communications open with both management and labor
On a strike should arrests be made as a last resort?
Which arrest at a strike can only be made with authorization of a supervisor?
1. failure to disperse 2. riot and the lik
What should supervisors obtain from pickett captains and where should he forward it to?
\"instructions to pickett\" and forward it to the industrial relations officer
If a person wants to make a citizens arrest during a labor dispute, what should an officer do?
do a GO and forward it to the city attorneys office
Can an officer enforce an court ordered injunction?
NO! not unless the order specifically directs SPD to enforce the order
Have courts held that picketing on private property open to the public such as shopping centers and parking lots is legal?
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