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-leader makes decisions and the group is expected to carry out orders. New graduates may feel more comfortable with an autocratic leader until they gain necessary self confidence
Bureaucratic leaders rely on established protocols for decision making. Often helpful for new grads who need detailed intructions
people oriented and tries to guide staff in the right direction. allows for a free flow of ideas, plans, and information between leader and follower
loosely structured goals, with no firm guidelines. allows people to try new things without fear of mistakes
The nurse refuses to recognize the existence and significance of the patient's personal concerns.
a logical but untrue reason is offered as an excuse for the behavior. Nurse can say that this pt is a "troublemaker" or "uncooperative." - This is a nonassertive, indirect type of behavior on the part of the nurse
-Coping mechanism during which individuals attribute their own weakness to others. -"My education is better than yours" -"you are only a practical nurse"
Nonassertive behavior
(passive behavior) - These types of nurses attempt to look the other way, to avoid conflict, and to take what seems to be the easiest way out.
(transferring) -Duties within the lvn job description that can be given to another worker to perform. -duties that are part of your legal scope of practice cannot be delegated
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