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Why 23' water above the fuel
200% below
1st three CVC valves Signals and placement (3)
CVC valve signals on SIAS / CIAS
101 (SIAS / 470) 103 (CIAS / SIAS) 109 (CIAS )
TS for containment pressure
14.275 PSIA-27"" H2O (or 11/40)
MT cooling fans start (3)
Exciter Field bkr, 65C, and 80C
colss uses ini for (4) which are TS monitored
EFW flow and when open
175, 200, 400, Priority open (Full)
HVC starts (3)
C/S, SIAS, stby ? dp 2 sec.
CST pump stby start
stby ? 70# , 10sec
CVC charging pump trips and asso with SIAS (4)
O/C (SIAS), U/V(SIAS), low suck, low oil
charging pump auto start on what pzr levels
1st B/U -2.5, -3.9, -6
inputs to rcs quench (5)
N2, PMU, CBO, Hd Vent, PZR Vent, Pzr safetys
SG will isolate at _______level and _______#.
96%WR and/OR >745#
AFW start interlocks
Disch closed, recirc open, cmu-951 open (hotwell xfer pump bypass), suck >20#
AFW looks at what to control level
hi #, low sufrv dp, 1350 trip
Seal oil valves pri and backup and backup pump start (3)
12# (pri PCV), 8# (b/u PCV and MLO and HPSO B/u), 5# (DC backup pump start), 3# 2/3 5 sec turb trip
EH backup pump starts at ______ and P/S is _____
1450# 211A(B) (pump also trip at this press)
MSR 5 and 10 "" interrelation
10"" isolation follows the 5"" TCV
Sups AB static xfer will
TS requires SG Temp_______ and SG #________ or reduce pressure w/in _______
>115 deg at >210 psiG , 30 min
IA 120 and dropping�what happens (4)
120-112 (100-70 lobe) 105 (cross connect and auto starts) 95 (dryer bypass) 85 (start D/D) 65 (manual trip)
what trips the 86STA (3)
SUT Bus differential, Gen fault (O/V), SUT (Sudden Press)
N2 pump ops
1100, 12 min, 2250#
CO106 will close on (3)
o deg, toggle switch, 10%
TRM requires INI for (4)
LPD, DNBR, AZ Tilt, Radial Peaking Factor
what is the key phasor for on turbine used for
Peak Vib
ASI formula
(up - down) / (up + down)
exclusion area and low pop area distances
Exclusion area (914 m), low population (2 mi), _______(5 mi)
considered hi rad
100 mR ---- 1000 mR
10cfr on CW limits (4)
Flow (1.518x10 9 gal/day), Temp(118 deg inst), Heat(9.5 x 10 9 btu/hr), and Boron()
CB max press/temp
44# / 263deg (loca) 413.5 (mslb)
release paths (4)gas and (2)liquid
Liquid (CW, IWS, OSS, DCT) GAS (GS Exhaust, AE)
EDG max rated and max load (max time)
4400, 4480 (2hr in any 12hr)
what is cmu 951
bypass around hotwell xfer pump
required to contact engineer on turbine vib/speed
7 mils at 1800 rpm
afw looks at what to control level
generator with hi # and lowest SUFRV DP
H2 production in containment after accident (3)
Radiolisis, corrosion, zircwater reaction
start sequence of RCPs and why
1B, 2B, 1A, and 2A (2A is high lift) 3-4-1-2
RCS fission products (2)
Uranium contamination and Migration from gap
plant stack rad mon alarm will (2)
secure cont purge iso and CAR iso
QSPDS uses (2)
QSPDS Subcooling calc uses (4)
MAX, Tc, Th, ?F
Cet temp do what (3)
Alert ICC, CET ?F, and data extent
Ceac then to _______then to pmc (flow of data)
QSPDS gets saturation monitor from (5)
Pzr #, Th, Tc, UHJTC, and representative CETs
TS ...what if 2 ADVs broke
3.0.3 restore W/in 1 hr
manual defeas required (2)
>800 psiA and no EFAS
interlocks for DEFAS (6)
CP2, CP8, DRTs, No EFAS, >750psiA, <55%WR
max public exposure
100 mr/yr & 2 mr/hr
sub cooled margin and saturation margin use simultaniously what
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