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what is mitosis
the process by which a single nucleus divides to form 2 genetically identical nuclei
how many times does the nucleus divide in mitosis
nucleus divides once
how many times does the nucleus divide in meiosis
nucleus divides twice
where does mitosis occur
multicelluar organsims for growth and repair inside body cells
where does meiosis occur
in multicelluar organsims in the gonads(animals) or sporangia(plants)
what are the phases of Mitosis
interphase(G1, S, G2) M phase
what is the cell cycle
growth and division of a single cell into 2 daughter cells
what happens in G1 of interphase
cell carries our day to day activities
what happenes in s phase of interphase
cell replicates its centrosome and DNA
what happens in G2 of interphase
cell makes protein requried for division
what are the stages of M phase
Prophase prometaphase metaphase anaphase telophase
what happens in prophase
chromosomes condense, spindles begin to form, centrosomes arrive at opposite poles
what happends in prometaphase
nuclear membrane & nucleoli disappear
what happenes in metaphase
chromosomes line up single file on equtatorial plate
what happens in anaphase
centromsomes pop and sister chromatides seperate and move toward opposite ends of a cell cell elongates
what happens in telophase
spindle breaks down nuclear envelopes reform nucleoli reapear chromosomes decondense cytokinesis occures. cleavage furrow in animals or cell plate in plants
in meiosis how many cells are formed
4 haploid cells are formed from a cell dividing twice
what happens in prophase of meiosis I
chromosomes condense nuclelus disappears centrosomes seperate & spindles form nuclear envelope fragments synapsis & crossing over occurs(mixing of DNA)
what happens in Metaphase of meiosis I
centrosomes ar opposite sides of cell homologous pairs of chromosomes lined up on metaphase plate in center of spindle
what happens in anaphase of Meiosis I
homologous chromosomes seperate & move toward opposite ends of cell cell elongates
what happens in telophase of Meosis I
spindle breaks down cytokinesis occurs nuclear envelopes & nucleoli may reapear
what happens in interkinesis
centrosomes replicate so that a new spindle may be formed
what is the difference between Meiosis II and mitosis
cells are haploid and sister chromatides are not identical
what is the process that prokaryotic cells divide
binary fission
what is binary fission
each daughter cell recieves a copy of the single cell
what is the process called in eukaryotic when cells divide
cell division
what is cttokinesis
process by which the cytoplasm is distributed to daughter cells during cell division
what is the difference between meosis I and meosis II
Meosis I seperates homologous chromosomes, while Meosis II seperates sister chromatides
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