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____12. ____ can use cables up to 100 meters (328 feet); and uses a 9-pin rectangular connector.
IEEE 1394b Firewire 800 12.REF:400
____13. IEEE 1394 uses ____ data transfer; meaning that data is transferred continuously without breaks.
isochronous data tranfer 13.REF:401
____14. A serial port is provided by the motherboard or might be provided by an adapter card called a(n) ____ card.
I/O controller card 14.REF:401
____15. ____ CRT monitors draw a screen by making two passes.
Interlaced 15.REF:409
____16. A(n) ____ monitor (also called a progressive monitor) draws the entire screen in one pass.
Noninterlaced 16.REF:409
____17. A ____ is an input device that uses a monitor or LCD panel as the backdrop for input options.
Touch screen 17.REF:428
____18.A ____ device is an input device that inputs biological data about a person; which can be input data to identify a person?s fingerprints; handprints; face; voice; eye; and handwritten signature.
biometric device 18.REF:429
____19. Ports on the motherboard can be disabled or enabled in ____ setup.
BIOS 19.REF:439
____20. BIOS manages ____ lines that are used by a device to hail the CPU asking for data to be processed.
IRQ (interrupt request)
____21. The ____ assignments refer to the system resources a parallel port will use to manage a print job.
LPT (Line Printer Terminal) 21.REF:442
____22. If you have an available eSATA external port; you can use a protective hard drive ____ that will house and protect a hard drive outside the computer case.
hard drive dock 22.REF:455
____23. A ____ plug is a tool used to test a serial; parallel; USB; network; or other port.
loop-back plug 23.REF:457
____24. If you are trained to open a monitor case to replace a fuse; unplug the monitor and wait at least ____ minutes before opening the case so that capacitors have completely discharged.
60 minutes 24.REF:459
____25. Chips sometimes loosen because of temperature changes; this condition is called ____.
chip creep 25.REF:460
____26. For laptops; you can adjust the brightness of the display using ____ keys.
Function 26.REF:461
27.Every I/O device is controlled by ____________________.
software 27.REF:394
28.____________________ ports are fast becoming the most popular ports for slower I/O devices such as printers; mice; keyboards; scanners; and a variety of other devices.
USB 28.REF:395
29.Before you begin the installation; make sure the ____________________ provided with the device are written for the OS you are using.
drivers 29.REF:439
30.ECP uses a(n) ____________________ channel.
DMA 30.REF:444
31.A(n) ____________________ motherboard used with an Energy Saver monitor can be configured to go into standby or sleep mode after a period of inactivity.
Green motherboard 31.REF:461
____32.Has a maximum speed of 5.0 Gbps (gigabits per second)
Superspeed USB 3.0 32.REF:395
____33.Has a maximum speed of 3.0 Gbps
eSATA-300 (eSATA version 2) 33.REF:397
____34.Has a maximum speed of 1.2 Gbps or 800 Mbps (megabits per second)
1394b 34.REF:395
____35.Has a maximum speed of 480 Mbps
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 35.REF:395
____36.Has a maximum speed of 400 Mbps
1394a 36.REF:395
____37.Has a maximum speed of 12 Mbps or 1.5 Mbps
Original USB (USB 1.1) 37.REF:395
____38.Has a maximum speed of 1.5 Mbps
Parallel 38.REF:395
____39.Has a maximum speed of 115.2 Kbps (kilobits per second)
Serial 39.REF:395
____40.Designed for peer-to-peer data transmission
IEEE 1394.3 40.REF:400
True/False____ 1. Sights and sounds have an infinite number of variations and are analog in nature.
TRUE 1.REF:474
True/False ____ 2. Common file extensions for raw; uncompressed sound files are .wav and .tif.
FALSE:True/False ____ 2. Common file extensions for raw; uncompressed sound files are .wav and .aif 2.REF:474
True/False ____ 3. A good source for information about hardware devices (and software) is a site that offers product reviews and technical specifications and compares product prices and features.
TRUE 3.REF:474
True/False ____ 4. To judge how far to insert the optical drive in the bay; align it with the back of the case.
False:To judge how far to insert the optical drive in the bay; align it with the front of the case. 4.REF:505
True/False ____ 5. The burn process requires a constant flow of data to the disc.
True 5.REF:511
____ 6. The goal of ____ technology is to use sights; sounds; and animation to make computer output look as much like real life as possible.
Multimedia 6.REF:472
____ 7. Computers store data digitally and ultimately as a stream of only two numbers: ____.
0 and 1 7.REF:472
____ 8. After the sound is recorded and digitized; many sound cards convert and compress the digitized sound to ____ format.
MP3 8.REF:474
____ 9. MP3 sound files have a(n) ____ file extension.
.mp3 9.REF:474
____ 10. A ____ card can turn your computer into a television.
TV Tuner 10.REF:474
____ 11. A video ____ card lets you capture this video input and save it to a file on your hard drive.
capture 11.REF:476
____ 12. ____ are smooth and level areas on an optical disc.
Lands 12.REF:480
____ 13. ____ are recessed areas on the surface of an optical disc.
Pits 13.REF:480
____ 14. In order to read each sector on the spiral of a CD at a constant ____; the disc spins faster when the read-write head is near the center of the disc.
Linear velocity 14.REF:482
____ 15. A single-sided; single-layer DVD can hold ____ GB.
4.7 15.REF:482
____ 16. A double-sided; dual-layer DVD can hold ____ GB.
8.5 16.REF:483
____ 17. ____ drives are a great method of keeping backups of data stored on your hard drive.
External Hard 17.REF:492
____ 18. ____ is a common compression standard for storing photos.
JPEG 18.REF:498
____ 19. ____ is a set of standards that are used to represent music in digital form.
MIDI 19.REF:500
____ 20. A ____ provides slots for memory cards and can be an internal or external device.
media reader 20.REF:502
____ 21. For EIDE; there are four choices for drive installations: ____.
primary master, primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave 21.REF:504
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