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Pain the the lower back can be indicative of what?
Kidney problems
The postictal phase of a seizure can last up to how long?
30 mins
During the postictal phase of a seizure the EMT should focus on what?
Airway, and reassessment.
Cherry red appearance can be indicative of what?
Carbonmonoxide poisening.
Any chemical to the skin or eyes should be flushed for at least how long?
20 mins
Epherdrine is what?
A stimulant
What should you do with a patient who has taken a hallucinogenic drug?
Identify yourself, reassure patient, orient patient.
Where is the liver located?
In the upper right quadrant.
where is the spleen located?
In the upper left quadrant.
The gall bladder is what kind of organ?
A hallow organ.
A ruptured hallow organ is associated w/ what?
Inflamation and infection.
A ruptured solid organ is associated w/ what?
Severe Internal bleeding.
Lower right quadrant pain, low-grade fever, chills, and abdominal guarding is indictive of what?
Vomiting abdominal tenderness & distention, and radiating pain from navel to back and sholders is indicitive of what?
Sudden onset of abdominal pain, vomiting, bloched colloring in the lower abdomin (due to a decreased blood supply), and a pulsating mass are indicitive of what?
A aeoritic aneurysm.
Esophageal varices is what?
dilated blood vessels within the wall of the esophagus, that rupture and bleed.
What should you keep in mind when dealing with esophageal varices?
How would you deal with a localized cold injury?
Cover with a dry sterile dressing, remove clothing and jewelry, and tell them not to move the effected area.
How do you treat heat stroke
Apply cold packs to the groin area and between armpits.
How long does it take for the symptoms of decompression sickness to take effect?
12-24 hours.
What is Toxemia?
Poisoning of the blood.
Toxemia may also be called what?
What are some of the early signs of Pre-Eclampsia
suspected pregnancy, Headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, weight gain, reduced urination, elevated BP and pulse.
What happens in the second stage of Pre-Eclampsia?
Seizures, separation of placenta, death.
A new born should have a heart rate above what?
A newborn should be ventilated at what?
40-60 ventilation per min.
How far apart are contractions when birth is imminent?
2 mins.
Where does blood exchange O2?
At the capillaries
Tachycardia is what?
Increased heart rate.
What is the main difference between early and late stages of shock
Blood pressure will drop in the late stages.
Give me some indications of shock.
Increased heart rate, cool clammy skin, pale, altered mental status, pupils, restlessness.
What are some of the symptoms of shock?
elevated HR, cool clammy pale skin, restlessness, dilated pupils, altered mental status.
How would you deal with amputations?
Wrap in a dry steral dressing and keep cool.
When treating an electrical injury it is important to remember what?
airway & possibility of an exit wound.
tendons connect what?
muscle to bone.
battle signs are indicative of what?
Basilar skull fracture.
What do battle signs look like?
Busing behind the ear.
raccoon eyes are indicative of what?
Inter cranial bleeding.
What are some classic signs of an epidural hematoma?
Loss and then regain of consciousness, fixed dilation of one of the pupils.
What will typically happen to a patient w/ an epidural hematoma.
they will seize.
What are some of the signs of a subdural hematoma
Deterioration of consciousness, dilation of one pupil, abnormal respirations, elevated BP, slowing pulse.
The central nervous system refers to what?
The brain and spinal chord.
The peripheral nervous system refers to what?
The nerves outside the brain and spine.
What influences involuntary muscle activity in the body, I.E. the heart?
the autonomic nervous system.
How would you treat an eye injury?
Stabilize the the affected eye and cover both eyes.
Name some reason you would remove an helmet.
It allows for excessive movement of the head, interfears with airway or breathing, interfears w/ C-spine, if they are in cardiac arest.
A drop is BP in a suspected spinal chord injury can indicate what?
Neurogenic shock
Name a few indications of a pericardial tamponade.
decreased heart sounds, narrowing pulse pressure, JVD, and chest pain.
define pericardial tamponade.
when blood fills the paricardial space constricting the hearts movment.
Pregant patients should be transported in what position?
the left lateral.
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