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Virion or Virus particle
The extracellular form of a virus
What is the life cycle of HIV?
1) HIV's extracellular form (virion) encounters a host cell. 2) HIV's gp120 protein binds to CD4 and coreceptor on host cell 3)HIV's RNA genome, reverse transcriptase, integrase, and protease enter host cell. 4) Reverse transcriptase synthesizes HIV DNA from HIV's RNA template. 5)Integrase splices HIV DNA into host genome. 6) HIV DNA is transcribed to HIV mRNA by the host cell's RNA polymerase. 7)HIV mRNA is translated to HIV precursor proteins by host's cell's ribosomes. 8) Protease cleaves precursors into mature viral proteins 9) New generation of virions assembles inside host cell. 10) New virions bud from host cell's membrane
Haa's Holy Land snake
95 million yr old snake fossil, that has small but fully formed hind limbs.  It documents the previous existence of snakes leggier than any alive now.
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