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Kidnapping – PC 207 (F)
  1. Forcibly steals, takes, or arrests any person in this state;
  2. And takes to another location in this state or country;
  3. OR
  4. Forcibly persuades by false promises;
  5. Any child under 14;
  6. For purposes of PC 288;
  7. To go to another place in or out of the country;
  8. OR
  9. Hires, persuades, entices, decoys, or seduces;
  10. By false promises, misrepresentation, or the like;
  11. Any person to go out of the state;
  12. With intent to sell him into slavery or involuntary servitude, or otherwise employ him to his own use;
  13. OR
  14. Abducts or brings;
  15. Any person into this state from another state;
  16. By force or fraud;
Contrary to the law of the place where the act is committed
Mayhem – PC 203 (F)
  1. Unlawfully and maliciously;
  2. Amputates, disables, disfigures or renders useless;
  3. A member of another’s body, or;
  4. Slits the tongue, nose, ear, or lip, or;
  5. Puts out an eye.
Murder (2nd degree) – PC 187, 189 (F)
  1. Unlawful killing
  2. Of a human being or fetus;
  3. With malice aforethought.
Conspiracy – PC 182 (F)
  1. Two or more persons conspire;
  2. To commit any crime;
  3. And do an overt act in furtherance or preparation;
  4. To falsely indict, charge, or cause arrest;
  5. To cheat any person of any person;
  6. To commit any act injurious to public health;
  7. To commit any acts injurious to public officials listed;
  8. To falsely bring any suit or action;
  9. To obtain money or property by false pretenses
Resist, Obstruct, Delay:  Officer or EMT – PC 148(a)(1) (M)
  1. Willfully resist, delay or obstruct
  2. Public Officer, Peace Officer or EMT
  3. In the discharge of his/her duties
Robbery – PC 211 (F)
  1. Felonious taking of personal property;
  2. In possession of another;
  3. From person or immediate presence;
  4. Against his will;
  5. By means of force or fear. (robbery of public vehicle operator, PC 211a)
Carjacking – PC 215 (F)
  1. Felonious taking of a motor vehicle;
  2. In another person’s possession:
  3. From person or immediate presence;
  4. Against his will;
  5. By means of force or fear;
  6. With intent to permanently or temporarily deprive.
False imprisonment – PC 236 (F/W/M)
  1. Unlawful violation of;
  2. Personal liberty of another. (If by means of violence, fraud, then felony)
Assault – PC 240 (M)
  1. Unlawful Attempt;
  2. Coupled with a present ability;
  3. To commit a violent injury;
  4. On a person of another.
 Battery – PC 242 (M)
  1. Willful and unlawful;
  2. Use of force or violence on person of another;
  3. (With serious bodily injury: F/W)
Battery of spouse, cohabitant – PC 243(e)(1) (M)
  1. Willful and unlawful use of force;
  2. On spouse or former spouse;
  3. Cohabitant/former cohabitant
  4. The mother or father of his/her child
Battery (sexual) – PC 243.4 (F/W)
  1. Touching intimate part of another;
  2. Against their will;
  3. While restrained by accused or accomplice;
  4. For purpose of sexual arousal or gratification
Assault with deadly weapon (ADW) – PC 245(a)(1) and 245(a)(2) (F/W)
  1. Assaults person of another;
  2. With deadly weapon or instrument (a)(1) or;
  3. Any force likely to produce great bodily injury or;
  4. With a firearm (a)(2).
Discharging firearm in a building – PC 246 (F/W)
  1. Maliciously and willfully;
  2. Discharges a firearm;
  3. At inhabited dwelling, house car, or camper or occupied building or occupied motor vehicle.
Rape (by force) – PC 261(a)(2) (F)
  1. Act of sexual intercourse;
  2. Victim not spouse of perpetrator;
  3. Against victim’s will;
  4. Accomplished by force or fear;
  5. Of immediate unlawful bodily injury to victim, or to another
Unlawful sexual intercourse – PC 261.5 (F/W)
  1. Act of sexual intercourse;
  2. Female not wife of perpetrator;
  3. Female under 18.
Contributing to minor’s delinquency – PC 272 (M)
  1. Commits any act or omits any duty;
  2. Causing a person under 18;
  3. To come under the provisions of W&I Code 300, 601, or 602 (delinquency).
Child abuse – PC 273a (F/W)
  1. Any person having care or custody of a child;
  2. Willfully permits child to suffer;
  3. Or inflicts physical pain or mental suffering;
  4. Under conditions likely to produce great bodily injury or death. (If conditions not likely to cause great bodily injury; misdemeanor)
Battery of spouse, cohabitant – PC 273.5 (F/W)
  1. Willfully inflicts corporal injury;
  2. On spouse or former spouse;
  3. Cohabitant/former cohabitant
  4. The mother or father of his/her child
  5. Resulting in traumatic condition
Child molesting (under 14) – PC 288 (F)
  1. Willfully and lewdly;
  2. Commits any lewd or lascivious act upon any part of the body;
  3. Of a child under 14;
  4. With intent or arousing, appealing to, or gratifying lust passions or sexual desires;
  5. Of child or perpetrator
Forcible Acts of sexual penetration – PC 289 (F)
  1. Any person who commits an act of sexual penetration
  2. When the act is accomplished against the victim’s will
  3. By means of force, violence, duress, menace or
  4. Fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury on the victim or another
Indecent exposure (lewd conduct) – PC 314 (M)
  1. Willfully and lewdly either;
  2. Exposes his person or private parts;
  3. In any public place, or in any place where there are other persons to be offended thereby, or;
  4. Procures another to so exhibit themselves to public view;
  5. Such as is offensive to decency, or;
  6. Excites lewd thoughts or acts
Disturbing the Peace; Fighting, Noise, Offensive Words – PC 415 (M)
  1. Any person who unlawfully fights in a public place or challenges  another person to fight in a public place
  2. Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise.
  3. Any person who uses offensive words in a public place which are inherently likely to provoke an immediate violent reaction.
Drawing or exhibiting firearm or deadly weapon – PC 417 (M)
  1. Not in self-defense;
  2. Draws or exhibits firearm;
  3. Or other deadly weapon, loaded or unloaded;
  4. In a rude, angry, or threatening manner;
  5. Or in any manner uses same in quarrel.
  6. In the presence of a peace officer. (then felony/wobbler)
Terrorist Threats – PC 422 (F/W)
  1. Willfully threatens to commit a crime;
  2. Result in death or great bodily injury to another person;
  3. Made verbally, in writing, or by means of electronic device;
  4. Is to be taken as a threat;
  5. Causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear;
  6. For his or her safety or immediate family’s safety.
Arson – PC 451 (F)
  1. Willfully and maliciously;
  2. Sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned;
  3. Any structure, forest land or property.
Burglary – PC 459 (F) 1st degree – inhabited, 2nd degree – all others
  1. Entry of (need not be forced);
  2. Building or place listed in statute;
  3. With intent to commit grand or petty theft or any felony.
Burglary Tools – PC 466 (M)
  1. Every person having upon him/her or in his/her possession
  2. Any instrument or tool
  3. With intent to feloniously break into any building, vehicle, vessel, etc.
  4. Without being requested to do so
Forgery – PC 470 (F/W)
  1. Signs name of real or fictitious person;
  2. Or alters any document listed in section;
  3. Or attempts to pass as genuine;
  4. Knowingly has no authority to do so;
  5. With intent to defraud.
Fictitious check – PC 476a (F/M)
  1. Willfully, with intent to defraud;
  2. Writes or delivers; (depends on amount of check)
  3. Any check;
  4. Knowing at time there are insufficient funds or credit in bank for payment in full.
Grand theft – PC 487 (F/W)
  1. Takes money, labor, real or personal property of value over $400, or;
  2. Domestic fowls, avocados, olives, citrus, or deciduous fruits, fruits, nuts and artichokes, valued over $100, or;
  3. From person of another, or;
  4. Where money, labor, or property is taken by a servant, agent, or employee from principal or employer and aggregates $400 or more in any 12 consecutive months, or;
  5. An automobile, horse, mare, firearm, lamb, gelding, cow, pig, mule, dog, etc. regardless of the value;
  6. With intent to permanently deprive.
Petty theft – PC 484, 488 (M)
  1. Takes money or property;
  2. Valued at $400 or less, not listed in PC 487;
  3. With intent to permanently deprive.
Receiving stolen property – PC 496 (F/M)
  1. Buying or accepting stolen property;
  2. Knowing property is stolen, or;
  3. Concealing, selling stolen property;
  4. Knowing property is stolen.
Defrauding hotel or restaurant – PC 537 (F/W – over $400 or M – under $400)
  1. Obtaining food, credit or accommodations;
  2. At any hotel, restaurant, boarding house, ski lodge, campground, etc.;
  3. Without paying and with intent to defraud;
  4. By use of any false pretense, or;
  5. Surreptitiously absconds with intent not to pay
Malicious mischief (vandalism) – PC 594 (M, F/W penalty depends on amount of damage)
  1. Maliciously defaces with paint, or;
  2. Injures or destroys;
  3. Any real or personal property;
  4. Not his own.
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