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Caution concerning study of Satan and Evil We must study this doctrine confidently. Knowing 3 things.
1) Knowing that when we submit to God and resist the Devil, he must FLEE from us. 2) Knowing that "greater is He that is in YOU, than he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4) 3) Knowing that the Devil must kneel and ask PERMISSION of God before he can even approach a believer.
Caution concerning study of Satan and Evil We must study this doctrine carefully - recognizing 2 opposite dangers.
1) IGNORANCE. We should be aware of our enemy's devices "lest Satan should get an advantage of us" (2 Cor 2:11) 2) INTEREST. One of Satan's devices is to draw our attention away from God and to himself, even if that focus is for the purpose of fighting against him.
What are the three chapters in the Bible that refer to Satan's Fall?
Isaiah 14 Ezekial 28 Revelation 12
The Original State of Satan 4 Things
  • Lucifer is not an Eternal Being
  • Lucifer was created by God.
  • Lucifer was created as an Angel of God.
  • Lucifer was created in absolute Holiness.
Lucifer is not an Eternal Being. (1 point)
  • Though he will exist for all of Eternity Future, he has not existed for all Eternity Past. 
Lucifer was created by God. (2 points)
  • He was created in perfection and holiness. He only became sinful after he fell into sin as an act of his free will.
  • He is not as powerful as his Creator.
Lucifer was created as an Angel of God. (2 points)
  • He was an "annointed cherub".
  • Satan was originally the Chief cherub.
Lucifer was created in absolute Holiness. (4 points)
1) Lucifer was the height or pinnacle of perfection, perhaps the most perfect creation of God - "...Thus saith the Lord God, Thou sealest up the sum". (Ezek 28:12) 2) He was "full of wisdom".
  • Satan uses this wisdom against men today. False intellectualism, pseudo-science, and vain philosophies (secular and religious) have always been favorite tools of this foe.
3) He was "perfect in beauty".
  • Though often pictured as a horribly ugly creature, Scripture pictures Satan in just the opposite light.
  • Satan regularly uses beauty to make sin look pleasant and pure. He also chooses attractive earthly vessels to promote his causes.
4) He was created with built in musical instruments.
  • Music was designed for worship and glory of God. it appears that Satan may have been given charge over the music and worship of God in Heaven.
The Fall of Lucifer in Ezekiel 28
He was lifted up and fell because of the _______ of his heart over his beauty.
The sin of pride is therefore one of his chief tools which he uses against us today. The essence of all pride is taking glory to one's self that belongs to God.
The Fall of Lucifer in Ezekiel 28
He retains the appearance of his original creation as an Angel of _____.
It is important to realize that he still utilizes this attribute to deceive and that his preachers also appear as ministers of righteousness.
The 5 famous "I Will's" in the fall of Lucifer.
1) I will be in the place of God - Heaven. 2) I will rule the angels of God -"stars" 3) I will rule the creation of God. 4) I will possess greater glory than God. 5) I will have the power of God.
We must resist the temptation to try and _____ the lives of others and even our own. (2 points)
Instead we must surrender control of our lives to God. We must resist the temptation to always want to be in charge and have our own way.
What desire was at the heart of Satan's fall and at the heart of the fall of man?
  • The desire of godhood.
The Chief Sins of Satan. (5)
1) Pride 2) Jealousy 3) Self-will 4) Rebellion 5) Covetousness. The Devil desired to possess what was not his.
Why did God allow Satan to tempt man? (3)
1) God granted this because of His Own Holy Nature. 2)God granted this because of His loving desire to have voluntary love and fellowship from man. 3) God allowed man to be given a choice in Eden because of His Sovereign Wisdom in that He is able to bring greater good out of the events that have followed the Fall.  One example of this is the teaching of Paul in Romans 5 that believers have gained far more in their salvation through Christ than they lost in their fall with Adam.
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