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Industrial Revolution
Farms ran as companies and became very profitable for everyone in England.
Salutary Neglect
England is acting benign towards the Colonies, not disrespectful or respectful of their needs
French and Indian War
Began 1754. French had Control of all the waterways such as:
St. Lawrence
Great Lakes
British Colonies want to expand as far West as possible but the French ally with the Indians to keep them no further then the Mississippi River. Spain Allies with the Britians
Treaty of Paris 1763
Ends the French and Indian War. Florida goes to England.
Indians lost more land but are becoming more aware that they are loosing more land then ever before
Pontiac's Rebellion
Native Americans become upset over the land they are losing, and take over French Forts.
Pontiac is a Ottowa Cheif
Proclamation of 1763
Colonist were forbidden to move West across the Appalachian summit and a dividing line was drew a live East of the Mississippi for the Indians to live on
The American Revolution
A time of turmoil when some of the Colonists like John Hancock were struggling to make ends meet, and after a expensive war known as the 7 years war
Based on the scientific Revolution. Used reason to discover the Natural Laws that govern both the Physical Universe and Human Affairs. Use these Natural Laws to improve Society. Challenge and Question existing systems including Faith
New Men
70% of Men (white) owned property are in charge of the colonies. i.e John Handcock and Washingtons
Navigation Acts
The trade must go though England. The Colonist much purchase everything from England, otherwise they would pay a duty.
King George III
1760 comes into power. He see the colonist as tresonist. Settles the French and Indian War in 1763, Believed in the power of a monarchy, 1/3 of the colonist are Loyal to him
Country Gentlemen
in the house of Lords, own land and do not really work. Bought land from the King. So many come to be they are forced to make a House of Commons
Formed by James 1st of England/James 6th of Scotland. had 13 separate but equal houses in Scotland/England
Colonial Assemblies
Formed by King James 1st of England 6th of Scotland and are able to regulate them selfs for their own good
Sugar Act 1764
Revision of the Molassas act, easier to enforce. 3¢ for all sugar bought from Holland in order to pay for the troops in the colonies
James Otis
Leader of Mass. assembly
Publishes the pamplet pf Natural law
Virtual Representation
That the Colonist are virtually represented in Parliment as part of the English Empire
Stamp Act 1765
Any paper sold for Courts/Deeds/Book Paper was taxed for paying of Colonist Defence.

was designed to bring in £60
Patrick Henry
Starts boycott of British goods, Stop eatting Lamb (for their wool) In protest of the Stamp act
Stamp act resolved
resolved with Patrick Henry's protest of not buying british goods and writes a letter to england signed with All due subordination
Sons of Liberty
underground groups that oppose the Stamp act and enforcing the boycott of british goods
Stamp act congress
Meets in New York. Sends letters to the King NOT to Parliment. Repeals the Stamp act but the Declaratory act still stands
Declaratory Act
Parliment has control over the colonist in all cases what so ever
Quartering act
Colonist are forced to room and board Soldigers
Townshend Acts
New York Assembly disbanded.
Forced taxes on Glass, Tea.
Customs house was moved to Boston.
Money used towards Royal Govenor and other Royal Officials
Circular Letter
Protesting the townshend acts and sends it to england saying repeal this or else. England says "or else" Sends over more troops and disbands the Boston assembly.
Boston Town meeting
Discusses about England sending over 4,000 armed troops, other towns hold meetings showing they cannot be stopped.
Boston Massacre
when the people of Boston throw "shit bombs" of snowballs packed with ice at the soldgers and they fire back killing 5 people
Samuel Adams
Colonies are need to be free to reach their full potential. Cannot manufactor goods on a world market. Arugues against the Navigation act
Committees of Correspondence
Circulating letters to rally other colonies to uprise against the Governors, Concerted efforts to resist England
HMS Gaspee
Rhode Island burned the Gaspee  and starts as investigation of why it was burned. England finds out "This is an end to collecting a revenue and enforcing the act of trade"
Tea Act 1773
Dutch East Tea Company is the ONLY company that can sell Tea in the colonies and monopolize the markets on December 16th
Boston Tea Party
Samuel Adams leads the colonist with them dressed as mohawk Indians on December 15th and throws over all of the Tea they have.
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