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by mzshay

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What are the three limitations of mnemonics?
1.they dont always help you understand or digest material.
2. the mnemonic device itself is sometimes complicated to learn and time-consuming to develop.
3.mnemonic devices can be forgotten.
What are some ways to remember things?
1. organize it
2. use your body.
3. use your brain.
Which factors influence officer discretion?
1.background of officer
2.dept. policy
3. community interest
How do you remember a name?
use associations
What is community policing?
an effort between community & police that identifies problems of crime & disorder & involves all elements of the community in search of solutions.
What is Post program?
Peace officer standards.
What is counter terronism intelligence?
prevent furture terriorst
Can you choose to remember?
When studing if you use your brain will you learn alot?
Is recall it a good strategy?
yes it is
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