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T/F Lactase deficiency is an example of natural selection at work in humans.
The equation p2 + 2pq + q2 is known as the a) Darwin-Lamarck natural selection. b) Allison arithmetic formula. c) Hardy-Weinberg law of equilibrium. d) Mendel gene frequency.
c) Hardy-Weinberg law of equilibrium
A heritable change in genetic material is better known as a) mutation. b) gene flow. c) genetic drift. d) natural selection.
a) mutation.
Which of the following abnormalities is NOT linked to malaria? a) sickle-cell anemia b) schistosomiasis c) thalassemia d) favism
b) schistosomiasis
The three patterns of natural selection are a) one-way, disruptive, stabilizing. b) disruptive, equilibrium, directional. c) mutation, stabilizing, directional. d) stabilizing, directional, disruptive.
d) stabilizing, directional, disruptive.
T/F The gene pool includes only the beneficial traits in a population.
Anthony Allison published several articles in the 1950s explaining the relationship between gene frequencies and this disease. a) tuberculosis b) malaria c) leprosy d) rickets
b) malaria
A man affected by Klinefelter's syndrome has _________ chromosomes. a) 44 b) 45 c) 46 d) 47
d) 47
T/F Mutation is the only source of new genetic material.
Founder effect is a special type of a) genetic drift. b) gene flow. c) natural selection. d) mutation.
a) genetic drift.
Down syndrome is an example of

a) natural selection.
gene flow.
genetic drift.
b) mutation.
Populations in which reproduction within the group is encouraged are called a) endogamous. b) exogamous. c) bigamous. d) None of the above
a) endogamous.
T/F Recent research indicates malaria was present in the Americas prior to Columbus.
Birth weights in human newborns tend to cluster in the middle of a range of weights, which is an example of a) no selection. b) disruptive selection. c) directional selection. d) stabilizing selection.
d) stabilizing selection
Members of a population that can breed and produce viable offspring are considered to be of the same a) allogroup b) matriline c) patriline d) species
d) species
The two types of mutations are a) synonymous and nonsynonymous
frameshift and transposable
spontaneous and induced
point and synonymous
c) spontaneous and induced
The case of the peppered moth and industrial melanism during the Industrial Revolution in England illustrates a) directional selection favoring the nonmelanic over the melanic form of the moth. b) greater fitness of the nonmelanic form of the moth. c) change in frequency of the nonmelanic genotype. d) All of the above
c) change in frequency of the nonmelanic genotype
What genotype confers protection against malaria while allowing an individual to survive and reproduce? a) AA b) AS c) SS d) All of the above
b) AS
T/F A change in allele frequencies from one generation to the next is an example of evolution.
Another name for a reproductive population is a) deme. b) species. c) haplogroup. d) genus.
a) deme.
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