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other names for hyperthyroidism
graves disease, thyrotoxicosis, toxic goiter, exophthalmic goiter
main blood test used for diagnosis of hyperthyroidism
PBI- Protein bound iodine. (normal- 4-8mcg/100ml of plasma)
main x-ray testing used for hyperthyroidism
RAI and RAIU- Radio active iodine test or uptake test
symptoms of hyperthyroidism
intolerance to heat, fine straight hair, bulging eyes, facial flushing, tachycardia, wt. loss, enlarged appetite, tremors, finger clubbing,
medical treatment for hyperthyroidism
anti-thyroid drugs
surgical treatment for hyperthyroidism
thyroidectomy- removal of the thyroid gland. or subtotal thyroidectomy
pre-op prep (drugs used) for hyperthyroidism
SSKI- lugol solution. inhibits thyroid production to block T4 and T3 from being released used short term. Makes thyroid firmer and less vascular
post-op care for hyperthyroidism surgery
semi fowlers postion with pillows under neck, head and shoulders. Humidifier, trach set and suction at bedside, deep breathing, check for bleeding and hoarsness monitor for tetany
equipment used post-op for hyperthyroidism surgery
humidifier, suction and trach set
post-op complications for hyperthyroidism surgery
thyroid crisis
describe tetany
muscle rigidity, muscle cramp, larangeal spasms, numbness and tingling in the finger tips
describe thyroid crisis
palpations 10 times the normal, temp of 106, increase in vital signs
describe voice changes
hoarsness and whisper
symptoms of hypothyroidism
intolerance to cold, receding hair line, facial and eye lid edema, dull blank expressions, thick tongue, fatigue, anorexia, scaly skin, muscle aches, constipation, bradycardia, weight gain, lethargy
treatment of hypothyroidism
replacement therapy. synthroid is drug of choice
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