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normal Hgb value
female: 12-16 male: 14-18
normal Hct value
female: 35%-48% maleL 42%-52%
normal WBC value
normal RBC value
3.5-5 million
normal platelet value
which bones are used for bone marrow aspiration
sternum, iliac crest or anterior or posterior iliac spine
what is the reason for bone marrow aspiration
to evaluate the number, size, and shape of RBC's, WBC's, and megakaryocytes
list 5 types of anemia
iron deficient anemia, hemolytic anemia, acute hemorrhagic anemia, chronic hemorrhagic anemia, pernicious anemia, aplastic anemia, thalassemia
list 6 symptoms of anemia
fatigue, dizziness, pallor, dyspnea, increased heart rate, change in tongue, chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, behavioral changes, cognative disorders
list treatment or nursing care for anemia
education regarding oral care, humidified O2, ASA, NSAID, alchohol, pain management, diet including meat, dried beans and peas, spinach and raisins
list 2 main types of leukemia
myeloid and lymphoid or acute and chronic
list 10 symptoms of leukemia
fever, malaise, fatigue, bone pain, bruising, bleeding, anorexia, enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged spleen, night sweats, shortness of breath, weight loss, tenderness over sternum
give 3 possible treatments for leukemia
chemotherapy, radiation, or both
why would reverse isolation by a possibility with antineoplastic drugs
because of low WBC counts, they are unable to fight infections effectively
define hemophilia
congenital condition in males characterized by spontaneous or traumatic bleeding and very slow clotting
define polycythemia vera
disorder in which the total number of RBS's, WBC's, and platelets are increased
describe treatment for polycythemia vera
theraputic blood draws and possible chemotherapy to slow production
list several symptoms of Hodgekin's disease
painless enlarged lymph nodes, low grade fever, fatigue, night sweats, itching, anemia, and unexplained weight loss
describe diagnostic tests for Hodgekin's disease
biopsy, CT scan, x-ray, lymphangiography, and gallium scans
give 4 stages of Hodgekin's disease
Stage I: limited to single node or single extralymphatic site Stage II: more than one node but confined to one side to the diaphragm Stage III: both above and below the diaphragm Stage IV: one or more extralymphatic organ or tissues
give 3 possible treatments for Hodgekin's disease
radiation, chemotherapy, both
list 5 symptoms of mononucleosis
flu-like headache, low grade fever, anorexia, cervical lymphadenopathy, enlarges spleen or liver
give 3 treatments for mononucleosis
rest, fluids, analgesics
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