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Chris works as an office administrative assistant in a brokerage office. he is a salaried employee who does not have a real estate license. last week chris showed a listed property because the broker was too busy to show it himself. does chris need to be licensed to show the property.
yes. because showing the property is performing a real estate service
an owner developer pays a commision to an employee for selling a lot in the development. the seller has an inactive license and the developer is not a broker is this a violation
yes since the seller was paid a commision they should be registered under the developer and hold an active license
a court of law appoints an unlicensed person to sell property in an estate do they need to be licensed in order to be compensated for selling the property
no court appointed individuals acting within the limitations of their duties are exempt for licensure.
one broker and one unlicensed individual decide to sell a parcel of land that they own. they each own 50% of the property. does the unlicensed party need to be licensed in order to recieve 50% of the proceeds from the sale
no. property owners may sell tehir own property however they can not recieve more than the share of what they own
a sales associate is registered under a broker they also work on the weekends as a leasing agent for an apartment that pays a salary. is there a violation
no the sales associate may work for the apartment as long as she is recieving a salary and no commission or bonus
who can a licensed sales associate operate for?
the broker registered as the sales associate's employer
do you have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for licensure?
no however you must have a social security number
what is the intent of real estate regulation and legislature
to protect the health safety and welfare of the public
describe F.S. CH. 475
the real estate professional practice act
describe F.S. CH. 455
the general legal practice and procedure for the DBPR
describe F.S. CH. 120
the procedural process by which regulatory agencies decide to implement agency action
describe CH. 61J2
rules of the frec
how many brokers may a sales associate work for
one any more would be a violation  of CH.475
how long does a new sales associate have to complete the post education course
2 years
how can a licensee change a license from inactive to active
to change a license to active a licensee must submit form DBPR RE - 10
after your first renewel how many hours of continuing education must you complete through each renewl cycle
14 hours continuing education 3 of which must be core law
what are the 8 real estate services and the accronym to remember
A BAR SALE Advertise Buy Appraise Rent or provide lists Sell Auction Lease Exchange
how long does an applicant have to complete the state license exam without having to retake the prelicense education course
2 years
if you fail the end of course exam how long must you wait to retake the exam and how many times may you retake it?
you must wait 30 days to retake the end of course exam and may only retake it once
how many years do you have to schedule an exam review if you fail the State license exam
2 years
if you become a non resident of florida how long do you have to notify the commision and sign the irrevocable consent to service statement
60 days
how many calander months according to FREC rules makes you a FL resident
4 months
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