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Everyones Delight
Place a Cheerio on the bump behind top row of teeth. Keep in place by pressing with your tongue. Now swallow without moving the Cheerio.
Everyone's double delight
Same as "Everyones Delight" except you use two Cheerios - One placed on the bump behind back teeth and one about a half-inch behind that.
Yet Another Delight
Same as both others, except one more Cheerio almost in the back of the throat. Swallow 3 times
Open and Close
Open mouth as wide as possible and stick out tongue. Make tongue long and pointed at the tip, then draw in slightly and shorten and widen it as wide as it will go. Repeat 5 times

Oral Play
Hold lower jaw down with thumb and forefinger. Touch the tip of tongue to the upper right molar, then to the upper left molar, lower left molar, lower right molar in that order. Raise tongue to the "spot", lower tongue to the roots of the lower teeth. Repeat 6 times.
Open your jaw
Curl tongue and place it as far back into the roof of the mouth as possible. Tongue locked in that position, open and close mouth. Repeat 15 times.
Getting in the Groove
Stick tongue out. Now groove it. Bring it back into the mouth. Use a straw to roll the sides of your tongue on if your having trouble. Repeat 10 times.
Rolling around
With tongue tip behind lower teeth, Hum so that the center of your tongue touches that palate. Now rotate the tongue from left to right. Watch yourself in a mirror so that you don't move your jaw. Repeat 5 times.
Weight Lifting
Place handle of spoon on the center of your tongue. Keeping the spoon steady, push upward with tongue and hold for a count of three. Relax tongue between sets and repeat 4-5 times.
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