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What are the divisions in OPS?
What division do AG’s work in?
What division do OS’ work in?
What division do AC’s work in?
What division is Operations Admin?
What division is OSF?
What is the worst weather phenomenon associated with thunderstorms?
 What is the most common weather phenomenon associated with thunder storms?
 How does a lightning strike affect an aircraft?
Possible failure of electrical systems, structural damage
 What possible affects does a lightning strike have on a pilot?
Flash blindness (lasting as long as 30 seconds), temporary hearing loss
What effect does icing have on an airborne aircraft?
Increases weight and drag
What are the visibility minimums for case I flight ops?
Better than 3000’ ceiling and 5nm visibility
What are the visibility minimums for case II flight ops?
Less than 3000’ ceiling and 5nm visibility, but greater than 1000’ ceiling and 5nm visibility
When do we use case three flight ops?
Less than 1000’ ceiling and 5nm visibility, between ½ hour after sunset and ½ before sunrise      
What does CATCC stand for?
Carrier Air Traffic Control Center
How many spaces is CATCC divided into?

What are they?

CCA, Air Ops, and ATO
What does ATO stand for?
Air Transfer Office
What do they do?
Handle the transfer of mail, cargo and passengers via the COD
What are the watches in Air Ops?
-Plotter (plots ships position, gets weather from METOC)
-Land/Launch recorder
-status board keeper
-Air Ops sup ( supervises enlisted watch standers)
Air Ops O
What are the dimensions of the carrier control area?
50nm unlimited altitude
What is the carrier control area?
5nm 2500’
what does CCA stand for?
Carrier controlled approach
How many control positions in CCA?
What are they?
departure, marshal, approach and final
What does the departure controller do?
control aircraft from the time of launch until mission ready
What does the approach controller do?
sequences and seperates, aligns aircraft on the final bearing
What is the final bearing?
extended centerline
what does the final controller do?
gets aircraft on the correct glide path and couse for recovery
What does the marshal controller do?
stack the aircraft up for recovery ( 1000’ feet and 1 mile seperation between aircraft)
What does LSO stand for?
-Landing signal officer
What does the LSO do?
visually controls aircraft during the terminal phase of flight (last ¾ mile)
What does RADAR stand for?
Radio Detection and Ranging
What radars are used in CATCC?
SPN-43, SPN-46, SPN-41
What is the primary air navigation radar?
What is the SPN-41 also known as?
-Bulls eye
What does the bulls eye provide?
azimuth and elevation
What are the two nicknames of the SPN-46?
-Easy rider and PALS
What does PALS stand for?
Precision Approach Landing system
What is TACAN?
-Tactical air navigation
What information does the TACAN provide?
bearing and range of the ship  to the aircraft
What does METOC stand for?
Meteorography and Oceanography
What does METOC do?
weather forcasting
What rate works in METOC?
What does STRIKEOPS do?
writes the air plan
What are some things found on the air plan?
-Date, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon illumination, time zone, what time flight ops starts/ends, how many a/c from each squadron are launching/recovering and when, cartoon….
What does CVIC stand for?
Carrier Intelligence center
What does CVIC do?
Carrier Intelligence center
What does CVIC do?
Brief and de-brief pilots
Who works in CVIC?
What is CDC?
Combat direction center
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