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Refers to anything that has mass and takes up space.
What are the 6 elements all organisms made of?
Carbon, hydrogen,nitrogen,oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur.
Smallest particles of elements (Proteins,Nutrons, and Electrons)
Atoms of the same elements with a differing numbers of neutrons.
What is the Bohr Model?
Show shells as concentric circles around nucleus.
2 or more atoms bonded together.
The process of bond formation.
Octet Rule
Atoms "want" 8 electrons in outer shell.
Covalent Bond
When atoms are horizantally closer together in the periodic table.
Double Covalent Bonds
2 pairs of electrons are shared between atoms.
Non Covalent Bonds
2 elements that are equidistand from the edges of the periodic table.
Thermal Inertia
Resistance to temperature change.
Hydrogen bonds hold water molecules tightly together.
Hydrogen bonds form between water and other polar materials.
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