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1)  Physicians who have all necessary requirements for licensure may also be licensed by_______________.
2)The ethical standards established by a profession are administered by_________.
peer revew
3) Deliberate attempt to touch without concent is_____________.
4) Statements regarding patients may be considered________of character and a breach of confidentiality.
5) The purpose of the Good Samaritan Act is to____________.
protect the physician who gives emergency care from liability for civil damage
6) In the model of the communication process presented in this chapter, the receiver decodes the messafes based on his or her________.
reference points
7) Crossed arms, rolling of the eyes, sighing, and tapping of the foot or fingers are all examples of_______.
negative body language
8) How should the medical assistant communicate with a patient who is hearing-impaired or visually impaired?
acknowledge the patient's presence and speak to the patient directly
9) "What seems to be the problem today"? is an example of______________.
a feeder question
10) Personality conflicts and other perplexing problems should be_________.
discussed openly to fine a solution
11) Physicians traditionally are reluctant to discuss_____ with patients.
12) The truth in lending form disclosure statement must be  kept on file for___________.
two years
13) An accounts receivable record should be kept___________. 
14) If you make collection calls__________.
never do so without the  consent of your employer
15) The patient's height and weight___________________.
must be recorded at the initial visit to serve as a reference point
16) The "normal" range for an oval temperature is_______________.
97.6 to 98.6 F
17) When measuring oral temperature with a mercury thermometer, the  medical assistant should______________.
leave the thermometer in place for a minimum of three minutes
18) When measuring a rectal temperature with a mercury thermomter, the medical assistant should______________. 
hold the lubricated thermometer into the anal canal approximately 1/2 inch
19) When measuring blood pressure, the medical assistant should_____________.
remove the arm from a constricting arm
20) To abtain blood for pku test, the medical assistant shouls_________.
repeat until each circle has been entirely saturated
21) When determining the hematocrit (Hct) using a microhematocrit centrifuge, the assistant should______________.  
hold the microhematocrit tube horizontally
22) When obtaining a urine sediment for a microscopic examination, the medical assistant should_____________________.
pour off supernatant after spinning
23) When instructing the patient to collect a sutum specimen, the medical assistant should tell the patient to_____________.
collect secretions from a first morning coughing episode
24) When perparing a Green stain, the medical assistant should______________.
apply crystal violet, Gram's iodine, then acetone
25) Bacteria that appear in clusters are called_______________.
26) Who discovered the first vaccine_________________.
27) Whichof the following best defines pathogens_____________.
cause disease
28)Which of the following are examples of a reservoir in the chain of infection__________________.
excretions and secretions
29)Which following is not an effect of inflammation ___________'
forming antigens
30) Which of the types of immunity is acheived following of administration vaccines_________.
artificial active immunity
31) Which of the following stages of infections disease includes general complaints such as malaise and fever_________.
32) Which of the following is the most appropriate action of the medical assistant during a medical aseptic hand____________.
turn off faucet with dry paper towel
33) Which of the following is the most appropriate action of the medical assistant when removing contaminated gloves__________.
turn them out one over the other
34) Which of the following is the most appropriate action of the assistant with handing used blood containers_____________.
label with orange red biohazard labels
35) Which of the following manifests the common symptoms of appetite loss, nausea, headache, fever, and jaundice___________.
36) Which of the following infections deisease is the greatest health danger to health care workers________.
37) Which of the following types of gloves is recommended for wear when instruments are washed by hands___.
heavy-duty rubber
38) Which of the following is the most appropriate next step after an autoclave load has finished the timing cycle__________.
vent the steam chamber and allow contents to dry completely
39) Which of the following best describes the order of occurrences ofthe links in the chain of infection__________.
infection, reservoir host, portal of exit, means of transmission, portal of entry, susceptible host
40) What are the steps in the inflammatory process in physiologic order from first to last_________.
dilation of blood vessels increases blood supply, blood flow causes redness or heat, plasma moves into tissue, causingswelling, there is pain due to nerve damage, white cells move into injured tissue, pathogens are destroyed
41) Which of the following is a false statement_____________.
a complete list of schedule drugsmay beobtained from DEA 
42) Which of the following is a true statement___________.
a drug only has one name
43) Which of the following is not a medical assistant's responsibility regauarding contolled substances_____
Ensure physician is administering substances
44) Which of the following is the most appropriate action for disposal of outdated or expired controlled sunstances_________
returning to pharmacy and documenting
45) Which of the following are members of the health care team who are permitted to adminster medications________
specified by state law
46) Which of the following best defines a prescription_____________
a written order for a drug
47) Which of the following is not included in direct application drug forms______________
48) Which of the following are common compounds extracted from the adrenal glands of animals_____________
cortisone and adrenalin
49) Which of the following is the most appropriate instruction to the patient when the physician prescribe a drug to be taken in the buccal cavity__________ 
Place the drug on the side of your check andlet it dissolve
50) Which of the following is the agency that has the legal responsibility for deciding whether a drug may be distributed and sold______
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