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1. (001) Who develops force management policies and programs, develops contingency planning
policy, validates deployment requirements, and verifies workforce availability?
c. Air Force Career Field Manager (AFCFM).
2. (001) Who monitors the health and manning of our career field, manages formal training, and
disseminates career field policies within their command?
b. MAJCOM Functional Manager (MFM).
3. (001) Where can you find a current listing of the Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)
MAJCOM Functional Managers (MFM)?
c. On the Clinical Engineering Branch website, “The Chief’s Corner.”
4. (001) Which organization is the hub of the Biomedical Equipment Program?
a. Clinical Engineering Branch.
5. (001) Which Clinical Engineering Branch team is responsible for policy and guidance, patient
safety, sustainment operations, acquisition, and direct contact with our Tri-Service counterparts?
b. Healthcare Technology Management
6. (001) What is the primary focus of the Biomedical Maintenance Program?
c. Ensure the highest quality patient care and safety through the proper maintenance of medical
7. (001) What function does the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) Deployment
Team perform?
b. Total PACS lifecycle support to all Medical Treatment Facilities.
8. (001) Which organization maintains overall control of the facility management program and
formulates policies and guidance for the Air Force medical facility program?
d. Headquarters Air Force Medical Support Agency, Health Facilities Division.
9. (001) In the typical Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) organizational structure, the Medical
Logistics Flight Commander (MLFC) reports directly to the
c. Medical Support Squadron commander.
10. (001) In the absence of a clinical engineer, to whom does the Medical Logistics Flight
Commander look for technical advice on equipment maintenance, electrical safety, and related
c. The local Biomedical Equipment Technician.
11. (002) The objective of the biomedical equipment maintenance support program is to ensure that
medical equipment is
a. serviceable, safe, and properly configured to meet the wartime and peacetime missions of the
medical service.
12. (002) Concerning repair parts, the Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Program must
c. manage the appropriate use and on-hand balance of repair parts.
13. (003) Who do you contact for assistance or advice when you have a problem communicating with
a hospital staff member?
a. Your supervisor.
14. (003) Which of the following is an example of protected health information (PHI)?
a. A doctor’s conversation with a patient.
15. (003) Which of the following is not a member of a Primary Care Optimization (PCO) team?
c. Laboratory technician.
16. (004) What is “contract” between the Career Field Manager and schoolhouse?
c. 4A2X1 CFETP, Career Field Education & Training Plan
17. (004) Which reference that provides policy and guidance for all aspects of biomedical equipment
maintenance support is the main reference every biomedical equipment maintenance technician
(BMET) should be intimately familiar with?
b. AFI 41–201.
18. (004) Which publication deals with all areas of electrical safety in medical treatment facilities
including classification of equipment and patient care areas, equipment testing standards and
procedures, and electrical safety education?
b. AFI 41–203
19. (004) How do you access the Clinical Engineering Branch website?
d. Equipment tab on the Air Force Medical Logistics website.
20. (004) Which publication contains the latest information and guidance for Biomedical Equipment
Technicians (BMET) in the field, including regulatory and general guidance, informative articles,
hazard notices, equipment complaints, and equipment modification information?
a. Air Force Medical Logistics Letter (AFMLL).
21. (004) Where can you look to find a list of commercial publications used by Biomedical
Equipment Technicians (BMET)?
b. AFI 41–201 and 4A2X1 CFETP.
22. (005) The first line of help for technical assistance and maintenance management issues for your
shop is the
d. supporting Medical Equipment Repair Center (MERC).
23. (005) For Patient Movement Items, your supporting Medical Equipment Repair Center will test at
least how many devices from each equipment category?
b. Four
24. (006) All of the following are considerations when prioritizing work orders for completion, except
b. equipment cost.
25. (006) Within scheduled maintenance, which has the highest priority?
b. Calibrations.
26. (006) Where can you find the medical Device Code listing and scheduled maintenance inspection
frequency for medical equipment items?
d. Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) or the Clinical Engineering Branch
27. (006) As a Biomedical Equipment Technician, you are responsible for maintaining all equipment
in an ambulance except
c. direct current (DC) power system.
28. (007) A 5-character alphanumeric code controlled by the Joint Chiefs of Staff describes a
a. Unit Type Code (UTC)
29. (007) Which unit type code (UTC) does not have a Biomedical Equipment Maintenance
Technician (BMET) assigned?
c. FFEP4 – EMEDS +25.
30. (007) What bases have the In-Garrison Maintenance (IGM) Contract for war reserve materiel
(WRM) equipment?
d. CONUS Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve bases and Korea.
31. (007) Who has the ultimate responsibility for war reserve materiel (WRM) equipment
a. Assigned 4A2X1 personnel.
32. (007) Who develops the parts inventories for war reserve materiel (WRM) assemblages?
b. Clinical Engineering Branch.
33. (007) When work is done on Patient Movement Item (PMI) equipment that does not belong to
your unit, you should document this in Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)
system with
b. an unscheduled work order using no ECN.
34. (008) How long must reports from a staff assistance visit be maintained on file?
c. Two years.
35. (008) Which inspection assesses the ability of Air Force medical units to fulfill their peacetime
and wartime missions?
c. Health Services inspection (HSI).
36. (008) Which statement about the Health Services inspection (HSI) is false?
a. HSI sets and evaluates policies and develops standards.
37. (008) What specific areas of a biomedical equipment repair program does the Health Services
inspection (HSI) evaluate?
a. Training program.
38. (008) Where can you find the current Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals
d. MTF’s Performance Improvement/Regulatory Compliance office.
39. (008) How often are Joint Commission surveys accomplished for Continuing Accreditation?
b. 19 to 39 months from the last survey.
40. (008) For which Joint Commission Environment of Care (EOC) management plan are you, as a
Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician (BMET), responsible?
c. Medical Equipment.
41. (008) The overall Medical Equipment Management Plan outlines
c. the entire medical equipment process from cradle to grave.
42. (008) What specific documentation does Joint Commission require?
b. Initial inspections, inspection and maintenance of equipment, and testing of sterilizers.
43. (008) What is a benefit of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)
c. Simpler, less formal (and cheaper) process than Joint Commission.
44. (008) What specific requirement(s) does/do Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health
Care (AAAHC) have for Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technicians (BMET)?
a. Equipment is properly maintained and tested.
45. (008) The purpose of performance standards is to
c. help your shop improve customer support.
46. (009) Who is the approval authority for equipment and tools purchased by your shop?
b. Medical Logistics Flight Commander (MLFC).
47. (010) Which section uses the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support equipment records to
maintain, custodial, and fiscal accountability of all assets in the Medical Treatment Facility?
d. Medical Equipment Management Office.
48. (010) Which Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) modules are used to manage
repair parts inventory assets?
d. CAIM and MA
49. (011) Which Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support system product contains information
about the complete life cycle of an equipment item?
b. Equipment Detail Record.
50. (011) In the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) system, when does
Equipment Management (EM) personnel associate the equipment record/s to an equipment
a. Equipment gain process.
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