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How do you shut down the cutting torch?
Close the torch petrol valve
Close the torch oxygen valve
Close petrol container valve
Release container pressure (open filler cap)
Close and isolate the oxygen cylinder
List the Petrogen safety features!
Cannot flashback up the fuel line
Fuel leaks can be detected
Only low pressure required in the container (10 - 20psi)
Fast flow check valve in the petrol tap
Container has pressure release valve (30-45psi)
Check valve prevents fuel spillage
Tips and torch run cool
Sparks are cool and light
How do you light the torch?
Open oxygen cylinder slowly and fully
Slowly open petrol valve fully
Purge oxygen hose for 5 seconds by pressing lever
Open pre heat oxygen valve on torch half a turn
Open torch petrol valve
Purge oxygen again
Strike at spark
Heat tip

What safety features are there on the petrol container?
Fast flow safety valve in the on/off tap
Safety filler cap with relief valve, operates at 35-40psi
Pressure guage has fast flow safety valve
Decal chart (tip operating pressures)
Tested to 100psi
Holds 9.4lts of fuel
What lengths are the hoses?
Red, petrol, 6m
Green, oxygen, 7.5m
How far should the operators hand be from the end of the cutting rod?
150mm (6inch's)
What should the Hot Cutting risk assessment consider?
Location and number of trapped victims
State of structure and area of cutting
Nature of material to be cut
Nature of debris or adjacent materials
Location of cutting operations
Flammable or toxic atmosphere
Ease of access and ground conditions
Detail the Clucas decant!
Close cylinder valve
Operate handle and purge hose
Unscrew cylinder Din fitting
Connect cylinder to tank via hose
Close bleed valve
Open cylinder valve
Open external cylinder tank to equalise
Close external oxygen tank and backpack
Open bleed valve
What procedures must be followed in HC operations?
Minimum of 2 trained USAR HCs
Appropriate PPE for both
Atmospheric monitoring
Operators monitor atmosphere throughout
Consider forced ventilation and PPV
Set up a hazard zone
Brief all involved personnel
Have extinguishing media to hand
Have suitable safety officers 
Protect/shield casualty (safety officer to monitor)

What is the sequence of events prior to carrying out HC operations?
Risk assessment
Select safe system of work
Prepare work area
Equipment set up
Update risk assessment
Light torch and adjust
Cutting operations
Shutting down
What are the key features of the Clucas backpack?
9ltr oxygen cylinder
Charged to 207bar (300psi)
Low pressure set to 150psi
Flame temperature of 2500°c
What are the limitations of the Clucas backpack?
Tank only lasts 12mins

Each rod only lasts up to 2mins

Not recommended for confined spaces

Steel surface should be cleared of contaminant

Cutting galvanised steel gives off toxic fumes

Used only where there is no risk of fire or explosion caused by Clucas kit
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