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Proximal Convoluted Tubule
1st tube...simple cuboidal....resorption
Loop of Henle
Long with low cuboidal and squamous epithelium...ion exchange
Distal Convoluted Tubule
Cuboidal w/o microvilli, Active transport of ions
Macula Densa
At end of DCT, sensory concerned w/ blood flow and filtration rate
Collecting Ducts
Simple Cuboidal/Columnar and water reabsorption with ADH
Renal Pelvis
Junction of calyces that becomes ureter.
Renal Papilla
Apex of pyramid of medulla that has pores that secrete urine into minor calyces
Renal Corpuscle
Bowmans capsule + glomerulus
Epithelial cells that make up the visceral layer of bowmans capsule.  Join basement membrane of glomerulus to filter blood
Afferent arteriole
Bring blood in; thinner walls as you get close to juxtaglomerular apparatus
Efferent Arteriole
Take blood out; thicker walls; main blood supply to medulla and also forms vasa recta
Juxtaglomerular Apparatus
3 types of cells: juxtaglomerular, lasis and macula densa; maintain BP when it drops systemically so that filtration rate does not drop (by releasing renin to raise and NO to drop);
Vasa Recta
opposed capillaries that create counter-current exchange for LOH.
Medullary Rays
Lighter colored striations in CORTEX
Renal Arteries Order
Renal, Segmental, Interlobar, Arcuate, Interlobular
From outside in: adventitia, SM layer; mucosal layer with lamia propria, epithelium which is transitional
From outside in: serosa of mesothelium, 3 SM layers; lamina propria with elastic cartilage; muscularis mucosa; epithelium which is transitional
Starts as pseudostratified columnar but then changes to stratified squamous at distal end
Pampiniform Plexus
Testicular veins in spermatic cord that use counter-current heat exchange to keep testes at 1-2 degrees cooler than body
Tunica Albuginia
dense collagen fibers surround testes
Seminiferous Tubules
inside lobules of testes that lead to Rete Testes; here is where Spermatagonia takes place.  Outside of testes lies Leydig cells for Testosterone production.
Ductus Efferentes
ducts leading from Rete Testes to Epididymis.  Ciliated columnar epithelium
Mature sperm with secretions from columnar cells with microvilli
Vas Deferens
Tube from epididymis to ejaculatory duct.  Simple columnar at proximal end and pseudostratified at distal end.
Seminal Vesicle
tube that is inferior to prostate that secretes seminal fluid.  cuboidal and pseudostratified epithelium.  Joins w/ vas deferens at ejaculatory duct.
Prostate Gland
Bulbourethral Gland
Several lobules that have columnar epithelium and secretes fluid before ejaculation
Corpus Cavernosum
2 tubes of erectile tissue that fill with blood and have large sinuses and are on dorsal side
Corpus Spongiosum
Erectile tissue surrounding penile urethra that has smaller sinuses so as not to pinch urethra
Glans Penis
Tip of penis that is analogous to clitoris.  Many sensory
Spermatic Cord
fascia with cremaster muscle, vessels and vas deferens that creates tunnel through inguinal canal
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