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2 questions of behavior
proximate question-- HOW the behavior occurs

Ultimate question--Why the behavior occurs.
fitness means...
the ability to reproduce.
behavior is influenced...
genetically and environmentally.
Know CHART on Page 4
7 ways we learn
Habituation--loss of response after repeated exposure. (ex. Scare crows) Imprinting--usually occurs at a young age; irreversible. (i.e. Ducklings) Spatial--type of learning involved with migration patterns. Cognitive mapping--territorial learning. Associate--(i.e. Wolf attacked by porcupine) Social--observational (monkeys screaming because a monkey raised the alarm). Problem solving--recognize patterns.
3 basic mating systems.

monogamous---if high need offspring.


the mating system we see depends on the needs of the offspring and the certainty of paternity.
Courtship rituals generally advertise the...
species, sex, and physical condition of males.
Sociobiology studies...
social behavior; which studies the interactions of two or more animals. 

territorial behavior parcels space and resources.
signaling is...
commx for social behavior.

a sound, scent, display, or touch.
dispersion patterns are...

3 dispersion patterns
how animals are spaced in their environments.

clumped, uniform, or random.
agonistic behavior is...
acting with the intent to restrict the freedom of another organism.

with this comes dominance hierarchies.
Altruism is behavior that...
reduces an individuals fitness while increasing the fitness of others.

Altruism is explained by inclusive fitness (if the group succeeds the individual succeeds) and kin selection (as long as a relative survives its genetic info is passed on).
2 types of foragers
generalists and specialists.
Optimal foraging theory (OFT) predicts that...
an animal's feeding behavior will max out its energy gain and minimize expenditure and risk.

(if a bass has a choice between a crawfish and a minnow, he will eat whichever gives him the most for the least.)
population is controlled by...
3 types of survivorship curves.
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