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Email as a communication channel would NOT be appropriate for which of the following situations?
When you need to send sensitive or extremely confidential information

An email message with the subject “Meeting Notes Attached: Crescent City Grill Launch Party” might use which of the following as its first sentence,
Attached are the notes from our Monday meeting discussing the Launch Party of the Crescent City Grill on March 3.
When composing an email message,

present the information in the order it is likely needed or will be best received.
Which of the following is the most effective closing for an e-mail message?
Which of the following is NOT an example of good email etiquette?
Check email several times each hour so that it is evident that you are working hard on the job.
Your intern forwards a message to you about a new computer virus that you discover is a hoax from a reliable source. What should you do?
Reply to the message and tell him that you have discovered the virus is a hoax. Also send him the web address for the hoax information.
A manager is faced with having to lay off some of his staff due to financial losses that the company has suffered. Which of the following channels of communication would be MOST appropriate for sharing this news, given the sensitive nature of the message?
A face-to-face meeting with each employee
Which of the following is most accurate concerning the use of instant messaging in business situations?
Instant messaging has wide business use, and spelling and grammar matter less than in other types of business communications.
A company posts information to the Web for its business partners such as vendors, suppliers, and customers that they must access by using a password. This activity illustrates use of the company’s
Aricelli is in charge of writing for the web page of her service organization. Which of the following should she avoid when writing for web users?
Providing detailed text.
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a company weblog?
Allows employees to vent frustrations anonymously.
When leaving a voice mail for a client concerning an upcoming meeting, you should

leave your name, telephone number, and enough details for the listener to understand what you want.
During a business lunch with a client, a colleague calls with bad news about another project. You should
excuse yourself from the table, take the call somewhere unobtrusive, handle anything you can handle quickly, and then tell your colleague you will call him back later.
Text messaging on a cell phone or personal digital assistant should not be used for which of the following business messages?
A less emotional way to tell a subordinate he did not receive a desired promotion.
Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in the research phase of a job search?
Send application letters to prospective employers.

What is the best attitude to have regarding finding a job?
Finding a job is a process.
Which of the following is the longest used method used for locating a job?
Employment agencies and contractors
Electronic job searches are popular among human resources because

the search costs are lower than traditional methods.
Paul is using the Internet to locate job opportunities. Which of the following will be the least effective for providing information on available jobs?
Limit the search to one search engine.
  Including complete information about your references on a résumé

is optional, since a list of references can typically be provided after a successful interview.
Which of the following is NOT correct concerning the chronological résumé?
It is especially effective for applicants who have gaps in employment or who have held various types of jobs.
An employer is likely to interpret an error on your résumé or letter of application as an indication that
all of the above are true.
You are organizing your résumé for a highly competitive summer internship with an aerospace engineering firm. You believe your education is your strongest qualification because your work experience has been seasonal jobs at minimum wage. You also believe that your abilities, interests, and character are qualities that closely parallel the job description supplied by the business. What type of résumé would be LEAST preferred for conveying your strengths?
When formatting a scannable version of your résumé,
stay with a plain design with no special formatting.
Which is true concerning the format for electronic résumés?
All are true.
Kynda is formatting a scannable version of her resume for her job search. She should
stay with a plain design with no special formatting.
Evan is preparing an online résumé as part of his e-portfolio for a systems analyst position in a large company. Which of the following should he AVOID including on his personal website and his online résumé?
Photos of himself and his friends.
Which of the following is the best suggestion for preparing an employment video.
Make sure the video has a professional appearance that compliments you.
Marisol wants to know the best way to let the recipient of her application letter know that her résumé is included. Which of the following would you advise?
Include the following in the second half of the letter: "The enclosed résumé details my responsibilities as office manager at Carson Office Systems, a job that gave me the opportunity to experience some of the situations you described in your ad."

Franz is sending a résumé to an advertising agency that has advertised for a copywriter in his local newspaper. Which of the following would make the best closing sentence for the application letter?
"I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how I can benefit Acme Corporation in the copywriter position."
Research has shown that job applicants who participate in computer interviews
feel less need to give socially acceptable answers.
An interviewer who follows a predetermined agenda, including a series of questions and statements designed to elicit necessary information is conducting which type of interview?
Structured interview
The main purpose of a video interview is to

make better use of a recruiter’s valuable time.
When a team conducts the interview process,
the team should include people from different levels within the organization.
Kyle has an interview with a Fortune 500 company. Which of the following is NOT important for him to know prior to the interview?

The company insurance and benefits.
An interviewer would likely presume that an applicant is truly interested in the job if the applicant
does all of the above.
Betsy has an interview; which of the following items will she likely NOT need to take with her?
Correspondence related to other interviews she will attend
Which of the following is NOT recommended behavior in a job interview?
Emphasize a rising intonation at the end of sentences.
Kendrick, a recent college graduate, wants to communicate that he can get along with others and is sensitive to diversity. Which of the following statements should he avoid making?
I was an officer in a service organization.
The STAR method refers to a

format to help the job applicant answer open-ended questions: situation or task, action, and result.
Which of the following is an example of a desirable professional attitude during a job interview?
Provide suggestions that may help turn the company around.
While being interviewed for a job you really hope to be offered, the interviewer asks you about your marital status. What is the most effective way for you to handle the question?
Attempt to answer the primary concern that motivated the question.
In your performance appraisal of a new employee, you note that the employee seems to have difficulty following verbal instructions. As a part of your review, give the employee several suggestions for improving her listening
Minimize distractions, Get in touch with the speaker, Use your knowledge of the speaker to your advantage
List five sources for finding prospective employers; give one advantage and one disadvantage of each source.
Select any five of the following:

  Printed sources such as annual reports, career guides, and directories.
Advantage: easy to access. Disadvantage: not necessarily well targeted. Networks:
Advantage: one of the most effective ways to find good jobs. Disadvantage: difficult to start. Career services centers:
Advantage: interviews are organized through the center.
Disadvantage: must be associated with the college or institution to participate. Employers' offices:
Advantage: directly targeted to a specific job.
Disadvantage: not many firms will grant interviews in this way. Employment agencies and contractors:
Advantage: access to many good jobs.
Disadvantage: fees are required for private agencies. Classified ads:
Advantage: convenient.
Disadvantage: many résumés are submitted, therefore, competition is stiff. Professional organizations:
Advantage: have contacts in the specific industry in which you are interested.
Disadvantage: must be associated with the organization. Electronic sources:
Advantage: easy access if you have a computer and modem.
Disadvantage: not all companies use this source.
List three ways to organize a résumé and describe when each résumé is appropriate.
A résumé can be organized in the following ways:

  A. Chronological résumé: Used for applicants who have progressed up a clearly defined career ladder and want to continue along this path. B. Functional résumé: Used for applicants who either consider themselves well qualified in many areas or whose education and experience are scant. C. Chrono-functional résumé: Combination of chronological and functional résumé that combines the best features of the two types of résumés above.
List and briefly describe four functions of an electronic application-tracking system.
An automated tracking system:

  1. stores résumés in an electronic database. 2. compares the electronic résumés to a list of keywords identified from a job description and ranks them based on the number of matches to the keywords. 3. prepares letters of rejection and interview offers, stores the résumés, and accesses them for future openings. 4. stores resumes for access for future openings.
Discuss several advantages and disadvantages of locating employment opportunities online.
Some advantages of locating online employment opportunities:

A job seeker needs to be able to compete effectively in a tight job market.Technology provides speed, convenience, and accessibility to online job searches; it also makes the application process such as submitting inline résumés easier. An applicant can also set up an employment account at various company web sites that allows the applicant to check the status of his or her application online. Online searches in addition to traditional methods will provide an abundance of job opportunities.

Some disadvantages of locating online employment opportunities:

A job seeker needs to be cautious about uploading résumés that contain personal data. He or she must be certain that the site is secure before uploading a résumé or submitting an application online. Failure to do this will make the job seeker vulnerable to identity theft and other misuse of personal information. Once personal information is uploaded, it cannot be retracted and is available for the whole world to view. Also, a job seeker may not receive a reply indicating that a résumé or application has been received due to the sheer volume of résumés submitted online.
Describe three steps in the research phase of a job search.
1. Gather relevant information for decision-making. This includes a complete self-assessment of your own qualifications related to the job and an analysis of the career field that interests you. 2. Prepare a company/job profile. This helps to determine whether there is a possible match between and the potential job. 3. Identify unique selling points and specific support. This allows you to determine your key qualifications and accomplishments that will enhance your marketability.
Describe the three versions of your resume that you will need to accommodate various employers’ preferences for the presentation and delivery.
1. Enhanced resume printed on paper to mail to companies and as follow up to electronic submissions. 2. Scannable resume to be read by a computer. 3. Electronic resume accessible through email and websites.
In the past few months, Rhamel has frequently called in sick to work. He has received medical treatment for a respiratory infection, but the infection continues to reoccur. He has missed several important deadlines and his sick leave is quickly dwindling. Rhamel’s supervisor has been patient and supportive through this illness, but other employees have recently been asked to handle Rhamel’s work in addition to their own workload. Some other co-workers have started to feel resentful and this is evident in their nonverbal communication with Rhamel when he is at work. Give two examples of negative metacommunication and three examples of kinesic messages that coworkers may communicate to Rhamel that express their frustration and resentment.
Metacommunication examples can include comments such as:

    “Maybe you should go to another doctor who might solve this problem.”   “You need to take better care of yourself so that you are more resistant to sickness.”   “Maybe you could do some of your work at home when you can’t come to the office.”    
These kinds of statements imply criticism of Rhamel’s choice of his doctor, overall level of fitness, and other important choices he has made about his work and job.

Kinesic messages from disgruntled co-workers could include the following:

    Visual--frowns, avoiding eye contact, ignoring Rhamel, and not engaging in friendly conversation.   Vocal--sarcasm, unfriendly tone, terse verbal exchange of job-related information. No expressed interest in Rhamel’s physical condition and prolonged illness.
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