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what are the two phases of glycolysis?
\\\"energy requiring which takes two atp
what type of phosphorylation happens in glycolysis?
substrate phosphorylation
where does glycolysis take place
the cytoplasm
Prep step for krebs cycle
\\\"converts each pyruvate into acetyl coA. in the process 2 carbon dioxides are made
Kreb cycle
\\\"two turns around the citric acid cycle
where does the kreb cycle occur
in the matrix of the mitochondria
the electron transport chain purpose?
\\\"basically from the 6 NADH and 2 FADH that has already been made
how many ATP molecules are made in etc
32 to 34 atp
how many atp are made from a glucose molecule
36 to 38
what is oxygens role
final electron acceptor that will turn into water
what is the process called that describes the pumping out of hydrogen and then the flowing in of electrons
where is the electron transport chain located
the cristae of the mitochondria
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