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Cloned from: Cicero 12

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Nunc iam aperte rem publicam universam petis, templa deorum inmortalium, tecta urbis, vitam omnium civium, Italiam denique totam ad exitium et vastitatem vocas.
Now already openly you attack the whole republic, you call to the destruction and desolation, the temples of the immortal gods, the buildings of the city, the life of all citizens, finally all of Italy.
Quare, quoniam id, quod est primum, et quod huius imperii disciplinaeque maiorum proprium est, facere nondum audeo, faciam id, quod est ad severitatem lenius et ad communem salutem utilius.
For this reason, since I do not yet dare to do that which is first, and which is peculiar to this command and to the discipline of the ancestors, I therefore do that which is more lenient for severity and more useful for the common safety.
Nam si te interfici iussero, residebit in re publica reliqua coniuratorum manus; sin tu, quod te iam dudum hortor, exieris, exhaurietur ex urbe tuorum comitum magna et perniciosa sentina rei publicae.
Now if I shall have ordered you to be killed a band of conspirators remaining in the republic; but if you had left which I have long since been urging you to do, a great and perricious scum of the republic of your friends will be siphoned out of the city.
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