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Cloned from: Cicero 13

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Num dubitas id me imperante facere, quod iam tua sponte faciebas?

imperante = aa
You do not hesitate do you to do with me commanding, that which already you were doing of your own accord?
Exire ex urbe iubet consul hostem.
The console orders the enemy to go out from the city.
Interrogas me, num in exilium; non iubeo, sed, si me consulis, suadeo.
You ask me, whether I order you into exile; I do not order, but, if you ask me, I urge.
Quid est enim, Catilina, quod te iam in hac urbe delectare possit?
What is there indeed, Cataline, which is able now to delight you in this city?
In qua nemo est extra istam coniurationem perditorum hominum, qui te non metuat, nemo, qui non oderit.
qui te non metuate = rel. characteristic
In which there is nobody outside that conspiracy of yours of ruined men, who wouldn't fear you, noone, who is of such a sort as would not hate you.
Quae nota domesticae turpitudinis non inusta vitae tuae est?
Which mark of domestic filth has not been branded on your life?
Quod privatarum rerum dedecus non haerit in fama?
What dishonor of private matters does not cling on your reputation?
Quae lubido ab oculis, quod facinus a manibus umquam tuis, quod flagitium a toto corpore afuit?
What lust has ever been lacking to your eyes, what foul deed has ever been lacking from your hands, what shame has ever been lacking from your whole body?
Cui tu adulescentulo, quem corruptelarum inlecebris inretisses, non aut ad audaciam ferrum aut ad lubidinem facem praetulisti?
To which young man, whom you would not snare with the baits of seduction, have you not provided either a sword for his daring or for whom did you not offer a torch for his lust?
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