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Cloned from: Cicero 14

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Quid vero? Nuper cum morte superioris uxoris novis nuptiis domum vacuefecisses, nonne etiam alio encridibili scelere hoc scelus cumulasti?
novis nuptiis = dative of purpose
What in fact? Recently when by the death of your former wife you had made empty your house for a new marriage, you even compounded this crime with another incredible crim didn''t you?
Quod ego praetermitto et facile patior sileri, ne in hac civitate tanti facinoris inmanitas aut extitisse aut non vindicata esse videatur.
Which I pass over and I allow to keep quiet easily, lest the savagery of so great a crime in this city might seem either to have existed or not to have been punished.
Praetermitto ruinas fortunarum tuarum, quas omnis inpendere tibi proxumis Idibus senties; ad illa venio, quae non ad privatam ignominiam vitiorum tuorum, non ad domesticam tuam difficultatem ac turpitudinem sed ad summam rem publicam atque ad omnium nostrum vitam salutemque pertinent.
I pass over the ruins of your fortunes, all of which you will feel to impend you on the nearest Ides; I come to those things, which pertain not upon the private shame of your vices, not to your domestic difficulty and filth but to the highest republic and to the life and safety of all of us.
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