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Cloned from: Cicero 15

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Potestne tibi haec lux, Catalina, aut huius caeli spiritus esse iucundus, cum scias ese horum neminem, qui nesciat te pridie Kalendas Ianuarias Lepido et Tullo consulibus stetisse in comitio cum telo, manum consulum et principum civitatis interficiendorum causa paravisse, sceleri ac furori tuo non mentem aliquam aut timorem tuum sed fortunam populi Romani obstitisse?
Is this light, Catalina, of this sky able to be pleasant to you, since you know to be noone of these guys, who is of such a sort as would not know you to have stood on the day before the Kalens of January when Lepidus and Tullus as consoles in the meeting place with a weapon, is there anyone who would not know that you prepared a gang for the purpose of killing the consoles and leaders, that it was not any opinion of fear of yours but the fortune of the Roman people that hindered your crime and madness?
Ac iam illa omitto--neque enim sunt aut obscura aut non multa commissa postea-quotiens tu me designatum, quotiens consulem interficere conatus es!
Now I omit those things -- indeed the things having been commited afterward are neither few nor obscure-- how often you have attempted to kill me as console designate, how many times as console?
Quot ego tuas petitiones ita coniectas, ut vitari posse non viderentur, parva quadam declinatione et, ut aiunt, corpore effugi!
I have avoided, how many attacks of yours, so thrown, that it seems unable to be avoided, I have done it, as they say, by a certain ducking with my body!
Nihil agis, nihil adsequeris, nihil moliris neque tamen conari ac velle desistis.
You do nothing, you pursue nothing, you build up nothing now nevertheless do you cease to attempt and to desire it.
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