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Where are striated muscles located?
Heart and skeletal muscles
The prssure in the systemic arteries during ventricular contraction is?
systolic blood pressure
The difference between the ystolic and diastolic pressures of the expanding and contracting arterial walls is?
the pulse
Input from what system causes vasoconstriction and therefore an increase in blood pressure?
Sympathetic nervous system
Cardiac muscle is?
Striated involuntary
In what order does the impulse for depolarization travel through the heart?
SA node, AV node, bundle of HIS, Purkinje fibers
The wave on an electrocardiogram that is associatd with the atrial wall depolarization is the ?
P wave
The SA node is located in te wall of which chamber?
Right Atrium
The muscular sphincter located between the stomach and the duodenum is the ?
The type of cell responsible for the transmission of impulses through the nervous system is the?
What system is anatomically composed of the brain and spinal cord?
central nervous system
Functions that an animal does not have to consciously control such as peristalsis in the intestine are influenced by the?
Autonomic nervous system
The cranial nerves and the spinal nerves are anatomically part of what system?
Peripheral nervous system
Sensory nerves are considered?
motor nerves
An imbalance of what minerals can affect nerve function?
Sodium and Potassium
When a stimulus is strong enough to cause complete depolarization it has reached?
What happens within the neuron that allows local anesthetics to be effective?
Sodium channels become blocked
Smooth muscles can be found in the?
Stomach wall, uterus, urinary bladder, intestine and cilliary body of the eye
Which muscle cells have single nuclei?
Smooth and cardiac
Cattle and swine display what type of estrous cycle?
Dogs demonstrae what type of estrous cycle?
What species is an induced ovulator?
In what stage of estrous cycle does the corpus luteum develop?
The hormone produced by a developing ovarian follicle is?
What hormone contracts the female reproductive tract to help move spermatozoa into the oviducts?
To achieve a normal pregnancy, the blastocyst attaches to what structure?
Giving birth is known as?
From the estrous cycle to parturtion, in what order are the following hormones released?
Estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin
All of the following nitrogeous bases would be found in a DNA strand, except?
The process of manufacturing protein from RNA is called?
Which of the following is a product of anerobic metabolism?
Aerobic metabolism takes place in?
Anaerobic metabolism takes place in?
Propagation of an action potential in a nerve cell is dependent on?
Na+ rushing into a cell
Atropine blocks?
Muscarinic receptors
Muscarinic receptors are activated by?
The following would all be typical reactions to sympathetic stimulation?
Bronchi dilation, pupil dilation, & decrease GI motility
Blocking parasympathetic stimulation could cause all of the following?
Dry mouth, decrease GI activity, and increase heart rate
Acetylcholin is released as a neurotransmitter by all of the following fibers?
Nerves innervating skeletal muscle, preganglionic sypathetic, and postganglionic parasympathetic.
The neurotransmitter listed below that is most responsible for the "flight or fight" reaction is?
In the healthy heart, the heartbeat is initiated by?
SA node
On an electrocardiogram the T wave is most closely associated with?
Ventricular repolarization
On an electrocardiogram the P wave is most closely associatd wth?
Atrial depolarization
Which of the following conditions is most life threatening?
Venricular fibrillation
Increaseing a neuron's permeability to Na+ will cause?
Atropine works primarily by?
blocking parasympathetic actions
Te primary constituent of blood responsible for the oncotic pressure of blood is?
Edema can be the sequela of all of the following?
Malnutrition, lack of movement, and inflammation
On inspiration the pressure in the thoracic cavity as compared with ambient air pressure is
In the healthy awake cat the primary stimulus in blood for respiration is?
Increased CO2
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