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Many sources of water are....
not directly suitable for drinking Purposes without treatment.
Water treatment plant operators have the responsibility...
for the health and well-being of the communtiy they serve.
The use of prechlorination often...
reduces chlorine requirements for postchlorination.
A well-guided tour of your plant for other operators may provide them...
sufficient understanding of your plant to allow to suggest helpful solutions to operational problems.
Your records showing that you are producing a safe drinking water will...
mean nothing to visitors unless your plant appears clean and well maintained.
Safety is....
a very important operator responsibility.
Most accidents result from...
carelessness or negligence.
What is a purpose of a water treatment plant?
To produce safe and pleasant drinking water
What is the purpose of a clear well?
To provide chlorine contact time for disinfection and store water for high demand.
What is the purpose of coagulation-flocculation?
To gather together fine, light particles to form larger
particles (floc) to aid the sedimentation and filtration processes.
What is the purpose of filtration?
To filter out suspended particles.
What is the main purpose of a water treatment plant’s intake
To draw in water while preventing leaves and debris from
clogging or damaging pumps.
What is corrosive water? Water capable of
Deteriorating metal pipe
Why should the water treatment plant operator be present during both the design and construction periods of a project to improve a water treatment plant?
To be completely familiar with the entire plant layout,
including the piping, equipment, and machinery and their intended operation.
Why do operators take certification examination?
To obtain certificates that indicates a level of
professional competence.
What are the expectations of safe and pleasant drinking
1. The water must be free of disease causing organisms
2. The water must be free of toxic substances
3. The water should not have a disagreeable appearance, odor, and taste
Why are iron and manganese undesirable in water?
1. They can cause undesirable color in water
2.  Can promote the growth of iron bacteria, which can cause taste and odors
3. They can stain clothes and plumbing fixtures
Which tasks are performed by water treatment plant operators to keep the water treatment plant operating to produce safe, pleasant, and adequate supply of water?
1. Adjust flows according to conditions of the raw water 2. Adjust flows according to system demands for water 3. Keeps an eye on the water as if flows through all of the various treatments processes 4. Maintains and repairs equipment and facilities as necessary to keep the water flowing 5. Monitors the raw water entering the plant
What should you do when Ww someone complains about their drinking water?
1. Have the complaint thoroughly investigated 2. Notify the person making the complaint what corrective action was or will be taken 3. Notify the person making the complaint the result of the investigation 4. Record the necessary information (name, date, location, problem, and phone number
Which factors are contributing to an increase in the number of jobs in the water and wastewater treatment industries?
1. More sophisticated treatment 2. Operator certification 3. Population growth 4. Retirement of many current operators
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