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Who is most likely interested in the study of human development?
Dr. Deal, who studies how political attitudes change with age (C)
Because Dr. Jefferson is interested in researching how people of different ages are affected by events, it would be most accurate to say that Dr. Jefferson is most interested in studying ____ forces.
Life-cycle (C)
A ____ is an organized set of ideas that designed to explain development
Theory (A)
Who is best associated with psychosocial theory?
Erikson (A)
Marcia is 80 years old and is learning how to speak French and play the guitar for the first time. This new skill development is a good example of
Plasticity (C) 
Multidirectionality, plasticity, historical context, and multiple causation are all key features of the _____ perspective.
Life-span (A)
Which must always occur in a real-life setting?
Naturalistic Observation (C)
Harold is upset with his grade on his developmental psychology test, and says "I bet if I would've taken that test at another time I would have done much better." Harold's complaint deals most directly with the questionable ____ of the test
Reliability (C)
In a correlational study variables are always studied
As they exist naturally (A) 
After grading the first exam, your developmental psychology instructor says, "those students who actually come to class did much better than those of you who show up once a week." Given this information, you would suspect that the correlation between attendance and grades would be clostest to
+.9 (B)
Which type of variable is manipulated by an experimenter?
Independent (B)
Which statement best reflects the views of the text regarding research in developmental psychology?
Research findings can be important in shaping social policy. (A)
Dr. Mitchell is very interested in how individual participants' behavior changes over time. If she wants to study this, she'll have to do a ______ study.
Longitudinal (D) 
Genotype is to phenotype as
Chromosome pattern is to facial features. (D)
Disease X is caused by a dominant allele and results in death prior to age three. The good news about Disease X is that
It will not last long in the gene pool and will eventually disappear. (A)
______ occurs when an individual intentionally seeks out an environment that matches characteristic driven by their genes.
Niche-picking (C)
If Agnieszka foiund out that she was concieved through in vitro fertilization, she would know for certain that
She was concieved in a petri dish (A)
Whose behavior best exemplifies eugenics?
Dr Black, who allows only certain individuals to mate in an effort to build a master race  (B)
Marsha's doctor informs her that her child is just entering the longest period of prenatal development. About how long has Marsha been carrying her unborn child?
9 weeks  (C) 
The main reason why teenage mothers tend to give birth to less healthy infants than mothers in their 20s is that the teens
Tend to neither seek nor recieve good prenatal care (A)
Mia and her doctor need to know as quickly as possible whether the child she has been carrying for only 9 weeks possesses any genetic abnormalities. which technique is Mia's doctor most likely to employ?
Chorionic villus sampling (A)
Physicians are currently able to correct spina bifida at around seven to eight months before birth using
fetal surgery (B)
The process in which defective cells in the body are replaced with cells that have had the genetic defect "repaired" is called
genetic engineering (B)
Postpartum depression
may be reduced bia breast-feeding. (D)
Jamal was born 34 weeks after he was concieved and weighed 6 pounds. Jamal is best described as
Preterm and normal birth weight (B)
Which of these is not an example of a newborn reflex?
Thinking (A)
Gina has just given birth and hears that the APGAR score for her newborn son is a 3. As a person who understands the scoring system she would most likely
panic, as this may indicate that her child is in a life-threatening state (A)
In order to asses newborn June with the NBAS, Dr. Lee is determining how long she stays awake. Which system is Dr. Lee assessing.
State (B)
Three-week-old Toni is in a sleep state characterized by arm movements and grimaces. This would suggest that toni is in _____ sleep
Rapid eye movement (A)
Which person is most likely experiencing the most rapid physical growth.
Jose, who is 18 months (A) 
Which child is most likely to be the tallest?
Kara, who has a tall mother and a tall father (C)
Parker is a typical seven-month-old. In terms of locomotion, the best he is able to do is to
Sit Alone (A)
In order to be able to walk, loretta must first master certain invididual skills, like being able to balance herself. What term best describes this process?
Differentiation  (C)
In an effort to lower the age at which his infant son wil begin to walk, Mr. Simmons puts 8-month-old Richard on a program that emphasizes leg strength. What is the most likely outcome of this intervention.
Richard will have superior leg strength and will walk earlier.  (D)
A fly buzzed by young Boeing at the same time that he was watching a jet flying past. Because the fly passed Boeing's field of vision faster than the jet, Boeing perceived the jet to be farther away. Which depth cue best describesthis phenomenon?
motion parallax (A)
Wendell can tell that the trees on the mountain are very far away, because rather than being able to see individual trees and the spaces between them, he just perceives a big green patch. which depth cue best describes this?
Texture Gradient (C)
Piaget used the term _____ to describe the process by which new experiences are easily incorporated into existing schemes.
Assimilation (C)
According to Piaget, when a scheme is modified based on some experience, ______ has occurred.
Accommodation (C)
Baillargeion's (1987, 1994) research with "possible" and "impossible" events has led to the conclusion that infants
develop an understanding of object permanence at a younger age than was predicted by Piaget (B)
Orienting responses tend to occur to _____ stimuli
Strong and unfamiiliar (D)
According to Vygotsky, ______ speech is another term for thought.
Inner  (B)
Barry walks up to his 9-month-old son and says (very slowly and with major fluctuations in his voice's pitch and loudness), "Ohhhhhhhh, are you Daddy's little baaaaaaaaby?" Barry is illustrating
Infant-directed speech (D)
Motherese is also known as ______ speech.
Infant-directed (D)
When dealing with young infants, why in infant-directed speech preferred over normal adult speech?
Infants pay more attention to infant-directed speech (B)
Which speech sound is always a single vowel-like sound?
Coo (C)
WHich is the best example of underextension?
Referring to the family cat as a "kitty" but not using the same name for any other animal (incluing other cats)
A child whose vocabular is dominated by names of objects, actions, or persons is said to have a(n) ______ style.
Referential (C)
Which evidence provides the strongest support for the "linguistic approach" to grammer acquisition?
The fact that the left hemisphere of the brain appears to be critical to linguistic development
Pride, embarrassment, and guilt are all examples of
complex emotions (B)
Bud and Lou are both playing with blocks. Though they they are playing, they smile at each other and trade blocks from time to time. It is most likely that Bud and Lou are involved in
simple social play (C)
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