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Blink Reflex
Closes both eyes when you flash a light
Babinski Reflex
Dorsiflex toe when stroke bottom of foot
Withdrawal Reflex
Flexes leg in response to a foot prick
Plantar toe grasp
Curls toes around finger placed on ball of foot
Tonic Neck Reflex
Turns head to one side when layed on back
Palmar Grasp
Grasps anything put in hand
Moro reflex
Baby extends arms and legs in response to a noise
Stepping Reflex
Baby makes steps when held upright
Baby sucks anything put in mouth (giggity)
Rooting Reflex
Baby turns head to anything that strokes cheek and tries to suck it
Disappearance of Blink
Disappearance of Babinski
End of first year
Disappearance of Withdrawal
8 months
Disappearance of Foot grasp
8 months
Disappearance of Tonic Neck
3 months
Appearance of Tonic Neck
28th prenatal week
Appearance of Withdrawl
First 10 days
Disapperance of Palmar Grasp
3 months
Apperance of Palmar Grasp
Increases gradually during 1st month
Disapperance of Moro
5th month
Disappearance of Stepping
3 months
Disapperance of Sucking
Disappearance of Rooting
3 months
Significance of Babinski
\\\"Absent with defects in lower spine
Sig. of withdrawl
Absent with sciatic nerve damage
Sig. of toe grasp
Absent with lower spinal cord defect
Sig of tonic neck
Paves way for hand-eye coordination
Sig of palmar grasp
Precursor to vocabulary
Sig of Moro reflex
Absence indicates CNS dysfunction
Sig of stepping
Absent in depressed infants
Sig of sucking
allows sucking
Sig. of Rooting
Reappears in adults with cerebral palsy
Lifts Head
6 weeks
Holds Neck up
3 months
Sits with support
5 months
Rolls over
5 months
Sits without support
8 months
Standing with support
9 months
Walking with support
10 months
11 months
Walking without support
1 year
Climbs steps with help
18 months
Walks downstairs
2 years
Kicks ball
2 years
2 years
Alternate feet going upstairs
3 years
3 years
Voluntary Grasp
3 months
Reaches for things
6 months
Pincer Grasp
9 months
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