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The tech used to detect movement on an optical mouse is
digital capture eye \"eye\"
Virtual memory is implemented on a windows system through what
Swap files
The purpose of the CPUs register is
To temporarily hold data addresses and instructions for the other cpu units
What are the common motherboard form factors
THe feature used to resolve the speed differences of the CPU and RAM is
Cache memory
What is the IRQ for the motherboard mouse (PS/2)
The windows tool used to find and repair hard drive problems is
A device that protects a PC against olvervoltage is called
Surge suppressor
What is the IRQ for the real-time clock
FRONT60:A serial port is almost always
Parity memory validates the integrity of the data stored in Ram by
Counting the number of even or odd bits set to 1 in the data
When Should high-level formatting be done on an IDE hard drive
After it has been partitoned with FDISK
How do you check for line-voltage sags
polarity tester
How do you check for line voltage spikes
Line analyzer
How would a good 4-ampere fuse measure
What is the basic unit of measurement for capacitors
A circuit board in a computer can be destroyed by a voltage as low as
30 volts
What should a ordinary household wall outlet measure
104-130 volts AC
What are not normal voltages found at a personal computer power supply
What is the basic measurement for resistor
What should be the voltage from the yellow wire on the power supply
+12 volts
When measuring an unknown voltage start with the meter set to its
highest range
When using a ohmmeter what should you do before attaching the meter to the circuit
remove power
Which DOS files are concerned with virsues
What will lower the risk of ESD
Wrist strap rubber mat ion generator
Which semiconductor is the most suspect to ESD
The acroynm UTP stands for
Unshielded twisted pair
The acroynm STP stands for
Shielded twisted pair
The boot process can be customiezed with entries in
The boot process for 2000/XP uses a stored in
Root and system\\32
Parallel cables should not exceed past how many feet
A chipset uses a hub with two ends what are their names
Southbridge for slower working devices and Northbridge for faster working devices
L1 cache is located where
on the CPU
L2 cache is located on
the motherboard or cpu housing
What is the name of the swap files for XP and ME
pagefile.sys 2000/XP 9x/ME win386.swp
Every OS is composed of two main internal components
Shell (interacts with users+apps) Kernel(interacts with hardware)
System BIOS does
manages simple devices
Startup BIOS does
starts the computer
CMOS setup does
used to change settings on the motherboard (stored in small ram on firmware chip)
RTS stands for
Ready To Send
A user does not speak your language fluently and keeps asking you to repeat statements what should you do
Refrain from using any slang or jargon and speak slowly and clearly.
A crossover cable would normally be used in a 100baseT network to connect
a computer directly to another computer
What is the main function of the power supply
Convert AC to DC
What is the difference between a patch and service packs
Service packs contain many patches. A patch is just one.
How many devices can a usb port support
What is the preferred solution to cleaning a laptops monitor
mild detergent
S/PDIF supports what channel of sound
5.1 sound
When you have two drives on the same EIDE cable how does the system know which one is master and which one is slave
By the jumper settings on the back of the drive
Modern macs use what company's CPUs
Fred tells Frank he needs new definitions on his system what does he mean
He needs to update is virus protection software
A boot sector virus stores its self in
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