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What is an aneurysm.
A blood vessel that has ballooned out.
A MDI will typically give what drug.
Pneumonia typically has what characteristics.
FEVER, chills, cough, dyspnea.
What is stridor?
A high pitched sound on inspiration.
What causes stridor?
A narrowing of the upper airway, an obstruction, or as a result of infection.
What is pulminary edema?
Fluid in the lungs.
What are some causes of pulminary edema.
CHF, severe infections, smoke or toxic inhalations, high altitudes, narcotic overdoses, and fluid overload.
What is a narcotic.
A sedative.
What are some signs and symptoms of hyperventilation.
Tingling in the feet and hands along w/ being agitated.
Describe the symptoms of croup.
age between 6months and 3 years and flue like symptoms.
What are the 2 shockable rhythms?
V-tach and v-fib.
Describe the flowers position.
sitting up.
Describe a supine position.
laying on your back
Define cardiogenic shock
Hypoprofusion caused by inadequate pumping of the heart.
Name 4 negative indicators for administering nitro.
ED drugs, 3+ previous ingestions, head trauma, Systolic BP less then 90
How long after administering nitro should your reassess BP
2 mins.
How would your deal with some on in cardiac arrest
Begin CPR, Administer AED & shock, reassess breathing, administer 02.
The medical term for hives is what?
What are the early signs and symptoms of anaphylactic shock
Urticaria, tachycardia,tachypnea.
What are the early signs and symptoms of anaphylactic shock?
Hypotensive and stridor
When is stridor heard and what does it sound like?
During inspiration, its a high-pitched harsh sound.
What is Subcutaneous emphysema?
Air under th skin.
What are the 3 layers of the skin?
The epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis.
Using the rule of nines each leg accounts for how much surface area?
18 for each leg, 9 for the front and 9 for the back.
Using the rule of nines each arm accounts for how much surface area
9 for each arm, 4.5 for the front and 4.5 for the back.
Using the rule of nines the head accounts for how much surface area?
the head accounts for 9 percent of surface area.
The normal time span for a pregnancy averages how long?
40 weeks.
What is osteoporosis?
Weakening of the bones due to a lack of calcium.
Define kyphosis.
an abnormal backward curve to the vertebral column
Abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy are indicative of what?
Spontaneous abortion.
What is the correct procedure for cutting the umbilical cord.
Place the first clamp 4 inches from the infants belly and the second 2 inches from the first, wait untill you no longer feel the a pulse in the cord and then cut the cord.
What is meconium, whats it look like, and what causes it?
A bowel movmement of the baby while in the mothers uterus Greenish/blackish fluid in the amniotic fluid, stress placed upon the baby.
How would you deal with Meconium?
Don't stimulate the infant prior to getting the nose and mouth suctioned.
What is the normal heart rate for a newborn?
What is the normal heart rate for an infant?
what is the normal heart rate for children?
What is the normal heart rate for adults?
What is the normal heart rate for the elderly?
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