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What is the transmission speed of the IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard?
What is the advantage of using wireless bridges over E1/T1 leased lines?
Wireless bridges support higher bandwidth than E1/T1.
Which addressing method is used at the OSI Network layer to allow data to be sent throughout an internetwork?
Logical network addressing
Which dial up protocol can only transport the IP network communications protocol?
What are the 8 steps of systematic troubleshooting?
Establish symptom ID affected area Establish what changed Select probable cause Implement Solution Test Solution Recognize potential effects of Solution Document Solution
COM2 & COM4 uses which IRQ?
COM1 and COM3 use which IRQ?
On a TCP/IP network, what identifies the destination of the service of an incoming request?
Port Number
What protocol does Novell Netware 6.0 use to encrypt user passwords?
What Ethernet standard specifies a data transfer rate of 1Gbps?
Which protocol provides connectionless communcations services on a Netware 4.11 network?
IPX - connectionless SPX - connection oriented
In the case of UDP encountering data collisions, what will happen?
Protocol will drop packets Application will retransmit
When performing a WLAN site survey what signal absorbing obstructions should be noted?
Trees, construction materials, and especially water pools.
What IEEE 802.x standard defines the LLC sublayer?
At which layer do transceivers operate?
Built-in to most NIC's, they operate at the Physical Layer.
What TCP port does SNMP use?
List common TCP ports
20-21 FTP 22 SSH 23 Telnet 25 SMTP 53 DNS 69 TFTP 80 HTTP 110 POP3 119 NNTP 123 NTP 143 IMAP4 443 HTTPS
Which common protocols operate the Transport Layer?
What functions take place at the Data-Link layer of the OSI model?
Flow control Error Notification Physical Addressing
What improvements does IPv6 offer?
Some header fields have been dropped or made optional. The IP header options allow more efficient forwarding & less rigid length limits.
Which phase of data encapsulation takes place at the Data-Link layer?
Adding the physical address in a header.
What is max length of a network segment using Gigabit Ethernet & 50-micron multimode fiber?
550 meters
What access method is associated with wired Ethernet networks?
What access method is associated with wireless Ethernet networks?
What are some of the functions of the LLC?
Data flow control Error Control
What standard is associated with 802.3u?
Fast Ethernet
What standard is associated with 802.3z?
Gigabit Ethernet
What is the max. length of 1000BaseCX cable?
25 meters
What is the maximum distance of 10GBaseLR?
What is the maximum distance of 10GBaseSR?
300 meters
What kind of cable would you associate with an F-type connector?
What is max distance for 100BaseT network?
100 meters
What device passes data based on MAC address?
What is the speed of a 16550 UART chip?
Name two sublayers of the data link layer?
Name 2 functions of the SPX protocol.
Connection-oriented & operates at the transport layer
What OSI layer is responsible for establishing connections between two devices?
Transport layer
What protocol uses ZIP?
What two protocols offer guaranteed delivery?
At what OSI layer does a switch operate?
Layer 2
What are the 4 specifications of FDDI?
Media Access Control(MAC) Physical Layer(PHY) Protocol Physical-Medium Dependent(PMD) Station Management(SMT)
What layer does NetBEUI operate?
Transport Layer
What multiplexing method do baseband transmissions use to allow multiple signals to be transmitted simultaneously on the same cable?
Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
What 2 physical topologies are used in Ethernet networks?
Star and Bus
What is any network device that can request network resources called?
A client
What 3 TCP/IP paramers must be configured on a PC before it can communicate with the internet?
Subnet mask, IP address, and default gateway
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