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Lewis grew up as a young lad, not in England but in
Lewis attended what school?
Lewis married Joy Gresham in what year?
Lewis followed what early path of change-of-mind regarding religion?
Lewis’ conversion took place in what year?
The sort of Christianity that Lewis defended in his writings is
Mere Christianity
Lewis helped launch a club called:
The Socratic Club
Lewis was a renowned literary scholar, especially as seen in his world-renown study of:
Allegory of Love
Lewis made one high-quality audio recording:
The Four Loves
Lewis’ interest and academic preparation was strong in the area of:
medieval and Renaissance literature, possible Christian Apologetics
Lewis died the same day that _____ died.
The key biography by George Sayer?
In WWI, Lewis was _____ __ _ _____
Injured as a Lieutenant
Lewis was born in
"Kindness" seeks ________ while "love" seeks ____________.
to lessen your pain, and, to use pain and suffering to achieve the ideal of what you are.
True or False - Lewis’s “Lord, Liar, Lunatic Argument,” also called the “the trilemma,” is used in Mere Christianity, but he also employs it in “What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ” and in some of his other writings.
The “Grand Miracle” in Miracles is the:
True or False - Lewis accepted some miracles of the life of Christ, but not all.
In his essay that we read, called "____________," Lewis argues that if one does not care if Christianity is true, and just asks if one can live morally and well without it one has sunk below the level of humanity, and is introducing a fatal "shiftiness" and "looking-the-other-way" attitude in regard to the truthfulness, or falsity, of Christian belief.
Man or Rabit
True or False - As a young scholar, Lewis was aware of Sir James Frazer’s The Golden Bough
Was Lewis a stuffy aloof intellectual? Why?
No, he wrote letters to common people and considered it his Christian duty.
Who was Elizabeth Anscombe and why did Lewis consider her a worthy opponent on any occasion?
She was the Catholic philosopher who defeated Lewis in a debate at the Socratic club over a vague term used in Lewis' book Miracles
True or False - In Mere Christianity, Lewis seems to work toward the goal of our yielding the Lordship or control of our lives to God, and not holding back.
How did Lewis respond to the idea of miracles “breaking” the laws of nature?
Rationality, Morality, Facts, and Values.
Lewis argued, using __________ as an example, that even Biblical heroes never easily accepted miracles due to ignorance of the laws of nature.
Joseph and Mary, parents of Jesus
Lewis showed the "belief in miracles" was really tied ultimately to the existence of a.....
Supernature, or God
Time Magazine published a cover story on Lewis, and described his “heresy.” What was this heresy?
The “Tao” is a term borrowed from Taoism, and given what new meaning by Lewis?
Moral Code, or Objective Morality
n the Abolition of Man, Lewis diagnoses modern university-molded “debunkers” of moral impulses, as men without ________.
At the conclusion of Perelandra, we see the height of Lewis’ power of “speculative theology” in _________
Angel Speeches
Love # 1, “familiarity love,” is called:
Love # 2, called eros, can be described as “romantic love” and is characterized by a “delighted ________" mental experience, as in: "I can't ___________ of him/her."
preoccupation, and, stop thinking
True or False - Love # 3, which revolves around friendship and common interests, is called Philia.
Love #4, “gift love,” which conquers and sanctifies all other loves, is called:
True or False - In Miracles, Lewis’ view of “multiple derivative realities or universes” is forward looking, and can be compared to modern thinking about the “multiverse.”
The relationship among Lewis’s “multiple realities” and the creator (or “ultimate reality” behind them, which made them), is described as a __________ relationship, and not ___________.
Monarchical, and, democratic
What other main worldview does Lewis attack in many of his books, besides naturalism?
In “Problem of Pain,” Lewis uses a key word to describe that special kind of fear, which excites “awe”—as if we said a ghost was present in an adjacent room. What is it?
True or False - C.S. Lewis was not technically an “Evangelical” and yet he is looked on as the “patron saint” of Evangelicals!
Henri Bergson was an example of a movement that Lewis critiqued heavily, whose ideas he even put in Weston’s mouth on Perelandra:
Process Theology
What was the name of Lewis' home
The Kilns
Lewis loved his weekly meetings at a local Oxford pub with the group ________
The Inklings
Lewis feared, as an atheist, that if nature were indeed “ruled by God,” she would lose her ___________
The term "sehnsucht" means?
What was the nickname of Lewis' tutor Kirkpatrick?
The "Great Knock"
Some fundamentalist Christians say Lewis had tendencies to dabble in a heretical realm, what was that realm?
Either the Occult or New Age religion
Lewis's science fiction writing that featured primarily a trip to the future of England:
That Hideous Strength
The Trilema's power "flows out of...
a. The logic that is employed
b. A clear detailing of the evidence for Christ's claims to deity.
c. A psychological evaluation of "paranoid insanity"
d. a good explanation as to why Christ couldn't lie about His identity.
d. A good explanation as to why Christ couldn't lie about His identity
What is "OHEL" and how was Lewis connected?
OHEL is the Oxfor History of English Literature and Lewis wrote the section on the 15th century.
Lewis's work on miracles is important, in that besides Hume, several others we studied have attacked miracles as "unthinkable" for even a "God-believer." G?ive one of the two key names besides Hume, or both for for bonus.
Bertrand Russell
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