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Mycobacterium tuberculosis
G+ bacilli High G+C mycolic acid in wall = acid fast, increased resistance to chemical damage and dehydration Mycolic acid lets microbe grow inside macrophages, hiding it from hosts immune system Long gen time ~18-24 hrs
M leprae
Generation time ~ 14 days long gen time contributes to chronic nature of disease
Campylobacter jejuni
G- Microaerophile, acidophile Curved rod, microaerophile Zoontic, found in feces Causes food poisoning Now have issues with it being antibiotic resistant because we put antibiotics in animal feeds
Chlamydomonas nivalis
Red psychrophilic algae, causes pink snow Cytoplasm acts like antifreeze so it doesn\'t freeze as easily
Listeria monocytogenes
G+ Bacilli Psychrophile Widely distributed and hardy, transmitted from contaminated food Responsible for listeriosis Rarely problematic in healthy adults but can be deadly to elderly, infants, pregnant women, and immune compromised
Helicobacter pylori
G- bacilli Microaerohile Acidophile Can thrive in the stomach and upper small intestines and cause ulcers Only known microorganism that can thrive in the stomach
V cholerae
G- Vibrio alkalinophile, likes pH 9 Grows in shellfish
Staph epidermidis
G+ Facultative halophile
LPS on cell wall acts as endotoxin
Polysaccharide capsule prevents host phagocytosis
Uses fimbrae to attach onto host cell surface with adhesin protein

N gonorrhoea responsible for gonnorhea
N meningitidis common cause of bacterial meningitis
Bacillus anthracis
Makes endospores (genera bacillus and clostridium only)
Causes black blood and sudden death
Produce toxins that contribute to pathogenesis

S mutans has slime layer that allows it to attach to tooth enamel

Puerperal fever
Strep throat
Scarlet fever
Streptococcal pneumonia
Necrotizing fasciitis
Bubonic plague
G- bacilli
Yersenia pestis
Variola major and minor virus
RNA virus orthomyoxviridae
Obligate anaerobes
Can produce endospores

C. botulinum - botulism (neurotoxin production)
C. tetani - tetanus
C. perfringes - gas gangrene
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