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if you travel in a straight line
as the crow flies
to get up early in the morning
to be an early bird
for a very long time
for donkey\'s years
te feel very nervous
to have butterflies in one\'s stomach
to annoy sb
to get sb\'s goat
repeating sth continuously
very restless and nervous
like a cat on hot bricks/on a hot tin-roof
having no effect
like water off a duck\'s back
to hear it from the source
to get it straight from the horse\'s mouth
to become a lot worse
to go to the dogs
to have a very husky voice
to have a frog in one\'s throat
sb was very surprised
you could have knocked sb down with a feather
It\'s very small
There\'s no room to swing a cat
all-female party for a woman about to be married
hen party
all-men party for a man about to be married
stag party
to eat too much
to make a pig of oneself
to be in a very bad mood
to be like a bear with a sore head
for a very long time without getting bored
till the cows come home
to put an end to sth/ruin one\'s chance for sth
to cook one\'s goose
to leave the constant struggle for success
to get out of the rat race
there are still lots of people left
there are plenty more fish in the sea
very shy person
sb who wouldn\'t say boo to a goose
to get the largest share
to get the lion\'s share
hard, tiring and boring work involed in a task
donkey work
to criticize or be ungrateful for something that has been given to you
to look a gift horse in the mouth
sb is very gentle
sb wouldn\'t hurt a fly
to be able to talk for a very long time
to talk the hind legs off a donkey
to be intelligent and able to think quickly
There are no flies on one
extremely good
the bee\'s knees
to look untidy and badly dressed
to look like something the cat has dragged out
certainly not very young
no spring chicken
to fall ill in great numbers
to drop like flies
to be absent without permission
to take French leave
Although in nice to go on holiday, it\'s nice to return too
there\'s no place like home
to be extremely pleased about something
to be over the moon
something you say when you do not understand something that is written or said
It\'s all Greek to me
to do something unnecessary/redundant
to take coals to Newcastle
behave as those around you
when in Rome, do as the Romans do
to be in financial problems
to find oneself in Queer Street
to exclude from society, shut out from social intercourse
to send sb to Coventry
to believe that things you want will happen, when really they are impossible
to live in cloud-cuckoo land
thick mist with light rain
Scotch mist
a very remote and inaccessible place
in the back of beyond
to pay one\'s own expenses on a date or outing
to go Dutch
not for anything at all
not for all the tea in China
something you say when you discover that someone knows a person that you know
it\'s a small world
unusual or artificial courage arising from the influence of alcohol
Dutch courage
period of warm weather in autumn
an Indian summer
to be sleeping
to be in the land of nod
to deceive someone (with e.g. hidden costs)
to lead up the garden path
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