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When does birth length double?
4 years
When does the child sit unsupported?
8 months
When does a child acheive 50% of adult height
2 years
When does a child throw a ball overhead
18 months
When does a child speak 2-3 word sentences?
2 years
When does a child use scissors?
4 years
When can a child tie shoes?
5 years
CHild gains 5 pounds and grows 2 1/2-3 inches
3-5 years
Gains 4-6 pounds and 2 inches
6-12 years
Toddler concept of bodily injury
fear intrusive procedures
Preschool concept of bodily injury
body mutilation
School age children concept of bodily injury
fear loss of control of their body
adolescents concept of bodily injury
major concern is body image
BIrth weight doubles by ___ and triples by ____
6 months and 1 year
Birth length increases 50% by
12 months
A highly contagious, viral disease that can lead to neurologic problems or death.
Rubeola (measles)
How is RUbeola (measles) transmitted?
Koplik spots, rash and photophobia are symptoms of ______
RUBELLA (German Measles) is charcterized by _____ starts on _____ and rapidly spreads to _____.
discrete red maculopapular rash; face; entire body
PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) lasts from _____.
4-6 weeks
rritability, fever (<102 F), redness and soreness at injection site for 2 to 3 days are normal side effects of _____ and _____ administration.
Girls finish growth around _____, boys around _____
15; 17
Children at high risk who were not immunized with Hib previously should be immunized after age _____.
Pertussis is caused by a _____.
gram-negative bacillus
Measles vaccine is contraindicated for persons with history of anaphylactic reaction to _____ or _____, those with known altered _____ and _____ women.
neomycin; eggs; immunodeficiency; pregnant
Hepatitis B vaccine is contraindicated for persons with anaphylactic reaction to _____.
common baker's yeast
Chicken Pox lesions begin on the _____ and spread to the _____ and _____.
trunk; face; proximal extremities
PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) complications include _____, _____, and _____.
pneumonia; hemorrhage; seizures
Viral disease characterized by skin lesions.
RUBELLA (German Measles) is charcterized by _____ starts on _____ and rapidly spreads to _____.
discrete red maculopapular rash; face; entire body
A child should be able to use sentences of 5 to 8 words at _____ of age.
3-5 years
Visual acuity approaches 20/20 at _____.
3-5 years
Chicken Pox progresses through _____, _____, _____, and _____ stages.
macular; papular; vesicular; pustular
RUBELLA (German Measles) is transmitted by _____ and _____.
droplet; direct contact with infected person
In times of measles epidemic, it is possible to give measles protection at _____ and repeat the MMR at _____.
6 months; 15 months
Common viral disease which has teratogenic effects on fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy.
RUBELLA (German Measles)
Contraindications to pertussis vaccine include: 1. _____ within 7 days of previous dose of DTP. 2. History of _____. 3. _____ symptoms after receiving the vaccine. 4. _____ allergic reactions to the vaccine.
Encephalopathy; seizures; Neurologic; Systemic
When pertussis vaccine is contraindicated, give _____, until 7th birthday.
DT (full strength diphtheria and tetanus without pertussis vaccine)
Give _____ and _____ vaccines on same day or >30 days apart (separate site).
MMR; varicella
RUBEOLA (Measles) is contagious mainly during the _____ which is characterized by _____ and _____ symptoms.
prodromal period; fever; upper respiratory
PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) begins with _____.
upper respiratory symptoms
_____ offers protection against bacteria that causes serious illness (epiglottitis, bacterial meningitis, septic arthritis) in small children or those with chronic illnesses such as sickle cell anemia.
PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) is treated with _____.
PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) is transmitted by _____, _____, or _____.
direct contact; droplet spread; freshly contaminated objects
IPV is contraindicated for those with history of anaphylactic reaction to _____ or _____.
neomycin; streptomycin
_____ is a paroxysmal state of the disease is characterized by prolonged coughing and crowing or whooping upon inspiration.
PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough)
Compare the signs and symptoms of acute glomrulnephritis and those with nephrosis.
AGN: gross hematuria, recent strep infection, hypertension, and mild edema: nephrosis: severe edema, massive proteinuria, frothy-appearing urine, anorexia
Incubation period of mumps (paramyxovirus)
14-21 days
Parotid gland swelling and tenderness is classic symptoms of
Mumps (paramyxovirus)
Treatment of Mumps (paramyxovirus)
BEd rest until swelling subsides. Pain and antiseptics for fever
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