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1) ____ is the medical term used for nasogastric feeling.
2) ___ is (are) the final products(s) of digestion.
all the above (simple sugars, amino acids, fatty acids)
3)_____ are the varicose veins of the anal canal or outside the external sphincter.
4) ___ is an inflammation of the peritoneum.
5) ___ is the washing out of the stomach through a nasogastric device.
6) ___ ___ is a gall bladder disorder involving stones in the gall blader.
7) Enema retention means that the patient keeps the fluid (oil) in his rectum for ___.
twenty minutes
8) The average healthy adult will take in about __ quarts of fluid every day.
3 1/2
9) ___ position would be the most comfortable position for a patient who has to receive an enema.
left Sim's
10) A narrowing of the urethra caused by scar tissue is called ___.
urethral stricture
11) Enemas are usually given before ___.
12) Painful voiding is called ____
13) When just about the same amount of fluid that is taken in by the body is eliminated, it is called ___.
fluid balance
14) An inflammatin/infection in the intestinal tract, which may produce an obstruction of the bowel is called____.
15) Fluid may be held in the body tissues that can make them swell. This is called ____.
16) Urgency is a medical term that means a frequent ___.
17) ________ is the cancerous tumors found anywhere in the body.
18) _____ might be the sign of possible gastrointestinal malignancy.
19) In the mouth, food is chewed and mixed with ________.
20) Blood in the urine is called ____.
21) ____ isĀ  the last curve of the large intestine before the rectum.
22) ____ are the rhythmic contrsctions of the muscle walls of the organ of digestion.
23) ____ are included in the four basic food groups.
24) ____ is a method of removing fluids from the patient's body through a tube.
25) Changing the urinary stream to exit the body through a new pathway is called______.
26) ____ are the tiny finger-like projections that are lining the duodenum.
27) Inflammation of the urinary bladder is called_________.
28) ____ is a weakness of the muscle walls with underlying tissues protruding throught it.
29) ___ is the first loop of the small intestine.
30) ___ is a chronic diseas of the liver.
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