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S&S of meningitis
malaise, low grade fever, headache, stiff or sore neck
Measles, mumps, and chickenpox are contagious. Shingles are not.
Treatment for heat exhaustion
remove patient from environment and provide fluid replacement with 0.9% sodium chloride or lactated ringers
What is the Vagus nerve neurotransmitter?
Carpal pedal spasm is a result of what
Hyperkalemia causes what on an EKG?
peaked T waves
What perfuses the heart?
Coronary arteries
What is NOT a beta effect?
A 17lb PED, what is the initial dose of lidocaine?
JVD with clear lung sounds and narrow pulse pressure indicates what?
Pericardial Temponade
What is the best method to use on a LSD patient?
talk down
A 110lb patient, what is the initial dose of lidocaine and maintenance dose?
50mg; 2-4mg/min
21 y/o male with asthma, what drug, dose and route?
Albuterol, 2.5mg, nebulizer
81 y/o male cardioverted and now is pulseless and in V-fib or V-tach, whatis the next action?
Defibrillate at 200j
60 y/o male, twisted ankle HR 54, BP 140/80 stable, what is the treatment?
splint and transport
S&S of spontaneous pneumothorax
Sudden "knife like pain", dyspnea
Effects of Verapamil (calcium channel blocker)?
decreases vasoconstriction, decreases conductivity
You clamped and cut the umbilical cord now its bleeding, what do you do?
clamp it again
In pulmonary edema after O2, monitor, IV, what is next?
NTG 0.4mg if BP is good
Whay is the intrinsic rate of the ventricles
What airway problem will cause stridor in PEDS?
PED with flu, not acting right with n/v?
Reye's Syndrome (resulting sometimes after a viral infection)
Wide QRS rhythm with no P wave?
Which airway will cause vomiting when taen out?
MVA patient with HR 120, BP 40/palp.  Patient has?
Hypovolemic shock
What is NOT a sign of kidney stones?
frequent urination
Most critical patient at MCI?
Amnesia, crying, altered LOC
containdications of Verapamil?
pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock
Chest pain with "tearing and shearing pain towards the neck", with no pedal pulse?
Disecting Aortic Aneurysm
When palpating the abdomen, you should?
palpate the area of pain last
electrical burns cause what?
superficial and deep damage
When do you perform a Cricothyrotomy?
laryngeal edema and/or facial trauma where no other airway can be established
What do you do before administeration of D50%?
check Glucose
Patient fell through a glass door and has a piece of glass stuck in his neck, what do you do?
C-spine immobilization, airway, occlusive dressing, stabilize the glass, transport
Complications of IV administration
Phlebitis, Emboli
Routes of EPI
List the slowest to fastest routes of administration
Ambulance crashes, what is the court going to prove
lack of due regard
What is child CPR compression depth
1-1.5 inches
Head trauma with signs of shock?
Head trauma does not cause shock; look elsewhere
Respirations for DKA
Kussmaul's respirations
Patient is diabetic with blood glucose of 40. What should you NOT do
IV insulin
Patient is 6 years old with unilateral chest wheezing
Foreign body obstruction
Spleen is located where
Mother gave birth 24 hours ago and has sudden onset of chest pains and dyspnea
pulmonary embolism
Oxygen rich blood leaves the pulmonary veins and goes into the
left atrium
Sympathetic nervous system does what
vasoconstriction and sphincter constriction
2 medics at MCI. 1st on scene finds 20yo in cardiac arrest; backup is 20 minuutes away.. What do you do
continue triage
SQ epi for
mild allergic reaction (IV epi could be used for anaphylaxic shock)
Body's tendency to stay constant
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