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The biggest concern with angulated fracture is what?
Pinching and cutting of nerves and blood vessels, distal circulation
In a blast, where are the primary injuries?
To the hollow organs
A bullet wound is called a cavitation
Why should you not remove an impaled object from the eye?
Because fluid loss will occur
A patient has an evisceration, should you try to replace exposed ABD organs?
What is common to all forms of shock?
In adequate tissue perfusion
What is a possible consequence to high cervical fractures (C-1,C-2)?
Interrupt or stop the respiratory system
How should you manage a patient with a jugular laceration and suspected air embolism?
Apply direct pressur to the wound and place the patient on their left side
A fractured clavical presents how?
With the shoulder on the injured side bent foward
A patients left pupil is fixed, dilated, and slow to respond to light. This represents what?
Neurological crisis
What is a more common name for the thyroid cartilage?
Adams apple
The most severe burns are caused by what?
Alkali's such as Drano and oven cleaners
Hypovolemic shock from major burns is a result of what?
Loss of blood plasma
What is definite necessary treatment for flail chest?
Positive pressure ventilations
A hemothorax is associated with hypovolemic shock why?
Because there is a pump problem, and loosing blood into the chest cavity
What is the correct order of inspection for the abdomen?
Auscultate before you palpate
Define cell
The smallest living unit of structure and function of the body
Define system
Group of related organs that work together to perform specific functions
What is the purpose of cerebral spinal fliud (CSF)?
To cushion the brain and spinal cord
Dilated pupils can be a response to what?
Epi, Atropine, cocaine, amphetamines, and cerebral hypoxia
Pinpoint pupils (miosis) can be a result of what?
Organophosphate poisoning and narcotic use
Define Cullen's Sign
Hematoma or bruising around the umbilicus, indicating internal abdominal injury
Kern's sign is what?
Referred pain to the left shoulder; may indicate an ectopic pregnancy or an injury to the spleen
The smaller the child the more likely the vital signs are how?
The lower the BP, the higher the pulse and respirations
In a patient with a head injury, how should the patient be transported?
With the head elevated
How many lobes do the lungs have?
3 on the right and 2 on the left
Suctioning can cause what?
Abnormal EKG's and hypoxia
Neurogenic shock can present how?
Warm dry skin, decreased BP and NON tachycardia
The first signs of shock are what?
Anxiousness and restlessness
The end of an EOA should be where?
Just below the carina
The adrenal gland secretes what?
Epi and norepi
What do the kidneys rely on for perfusion?
Systolic BP
The normal patients respirations are triggered by what?
An increase in atrial CO2
The Heimlich Maneuver is performed where?
The epigastrium region of the abdomen
COPD patients respiratory is triggered by what?
A decrease in O2
What is one result of Beta stimulation?
Oxytocin and ATCH are excreated by what gland?
The pituitary gland
What is the order MAST Pants are inflated?
Left leg, right leg the abdomen
A subaracchnoid bleed occurs where?
Below the arachnoid
An epidural hematoma is where?
Between the skull and the dura
What are the possible S&S of a subarachnoid bleed?
Sudden onset of headache, blurred vision, and possible unconsciousness due to the vessel rupture
What is the usual progression of a subdural bleed?
The subdural bleed is usually slow due to it being a venous bleed
What is the progression of an epidural bleed?
Usually fast due to it being an arterial bleed
Why is decerebrate posturing ususally a worse sign than decorticate posturing?
Decerebrate posturing is usually indicative of a main brain stem injury, where decorticate posturing inducates an injury to the brain ABOVE the brain stem.
What are S&S of traumatic Asphyxia?
Bulging tongue and eyes, and cyanosis of the upper body
What is the movement of a flail chest?
Moves in on inspiration and out on exhalation
What ligament holds the thoracic aorta in place?
The Ligamentum Arteriosum
A SPRAIN is an injury to what?
A STRAIN is an injury to what?
A traction splint is indicated for and used why?
A mid-shaft, closed femur fracture.  To maintain stabilization, maintain distal perfusion and pain relief
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