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In Live sound what is the main mixing engineer called?
Front of House (FOH) engineer
When using AUXs for effects?
Post fader
When using AUXs for monitors?
Pre fader
An outboard effects processor uses what type of input to the console?
Channel line input
List the 4 types of tonal controls on a channel:
1) Filters 2) fixed EQ 3) Semi-parametric EQ 4) Fully parametric EQ
What is another name for a 31 band graphic EQ?
1/3 octave
What are the 3 main parameters on a crossover?
1) Crossover EQ 2) Cut/Boost 3) Slope/response
To use outboard dynamic devices patch them into what?
Insert point
Insert points on the channel path are found in the signal flow where?
Just be the AUX sends
In live sound what are sub-master faders mainly used for?
What if I have 4 vocals and only 1 compressor?
Buss to a sub-group, insert send & return on sub-group
List the 4 main places to find inserts?
1) Channel path 2) Sub-group path 3) Stereo buss path 4) Aux send master path
What does VCA stand for?
Voltage Control Amplifier
What are the 3 main racks in a P.A. system?
1) Effects racks 2) Drive rack 3) Amp rack
What outboard device in a drive rack in not inserted and must be ran in-line?
The Crossover
Which snake needs both sends & returns?
Front of house/FOH
What type of snake only has sends?
Drop snake/sub snake
What are the two mixing engineers called in live sound?
Front of House & Monitor Engineer
Do all monitors consoles have faders?
No(pre-faders sends)
What are the names for the different types of stage monitors?
1)Wedges 2)Drum fills 3)Side fills 4)Back fills
What can be used to test frequency response of a room?
A real time analyzer
A real time analyzer (RTA) uses what?
Pink Noise
What are the 2 main types of wireless mics?
What does VHF & UHF stand for?
Very high frequency & Ultra high frequency
What is an alternate way to run a monitor mix wirelessly?
In-ear-monitor(IEM) systems
What is the formula for figuring out Breaker size?
Watts divided by Volts=Amps(amperes)
What Does chaining speakers in series?
What does chaining speakers in parallel?
Divides OHMS
Musicians/Performers equipment is known as what?
When a line device ran through a D.I. go into what input on the console?
What are the 3 ways to run a power amplifier?
1. Stereo(2in/2out) 2. Mono(1in/2out) 3. Bridged mono(1in/1out)
What mode gives the maximum amount of wattage from a power amplifier?
Bridged mono
Information needed for a show that can be found in what order?
Musicians/Performers equipment is known as what?
What are the 3 main things to look for in a rider?
1)Stage plot 2)Input list 3)Technical Requirements
When engaging phantom power do what?
Turn down the fader
What type D.I. box requires phantom power, passive or active?
When a line device ran through a D.I. box it goes into what input on console?
MIC input
On a drum set, what is the standard for routing toms to the console?
From smallest to Largest
Placing a Microphone in the middle of a speaker cone will produce more:
High Frequencies
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