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The Cranial Margin of the Heart is known as the _________
margo ventricularis dexter
The caudal margin of the Heart is known as ____________
Margo Ventricularis Sin.
The side of the heart where both auricles can be seen is called the _________ it faces the ________ side of the animal
Facies auricularis, the left side
The side of the heart where no auricles can be seen is called the _________ if faces the _________ side of the animal
Facies atrialis, right side
Three major grooves can be seen on the heart, what are they?
Coronary Groove. Sulcus interventriculares paraconalis seen on the left side, sulcus interventricularis subsinousus(seen on the right side)
Blood enters the left ventrical via the ______ and leaves via
enters via Mitral Valve/ Left AV valve/ Bicuspid leaves via the Aorta
The Venea pulmonales enter the _________. They carry what kind of blood?
Left Atrium. They carry oxygenated blood
Blood enters the Right Ventricle via the ________, it exits via the  _______. What kind of blood is carried here?
Enters via : Right AV valve/ Tricuspid Valve Leaves via the Truncus/Arteria Pulmonales. It carries deoxygenated blood
The tricuspid valve has three valves. What are they?
Septal Parietal, Angular (positioned cranially)
The bicuspid valve has two valves. What are they?
Septal and Parietal
What mucles operate the right and left AV valves
Pappilary Muscles
The Right AV valve has three valves with three sets of muscles operating them, what are they?
Mm papillaris magnus, parvi and subarteriosus
The left AV valve has two sets of muscles operating them, what are they?
Mm papillaris subatrialis and subauriculares
Semilunar vavles can be found in what two structures?
Pulmonary Trunk and Aorta
What are the names of the three semilunar valves found in the Pulmonary Trunk?
Valvula semilunares dext, sin and intermedia
What are the names of the Semilunar Valves found in the Aorta
dext, sin and septalis
What structures are seen in the Aortic sinuses?
Rt and Left coronary Artery
What are the major branches of the Coronary Vein?
Great, Middle and left
The left coronary artery gives rise to which arteries in all species?
Ramus interventricularis Paraconalis, Ramus Circumflexus
What is the Incisura Apicis?
The Notch at the apex of the heart
What are the two conduction nodes of the heart?
Sinoatrial node and Atrioventricular node  
Where is the SA node fond?
Built into the wall of the Right Atrium
The SA node is called the pacemaker node because its actions are __________
The AV node is found where?
IN the Interatrial wall near the Coronary Sinus
What are the names of the chord that pull down the right and left AV valves?
Chordinae Tendinae
The semilunar nodes have two parts, what are they?
Nodulus Aranti and the Pars Flaccida
The Functional artery of the heart is?
Pulmonary Trunk
What are the trabecula carnae?
They are muscular ridges in the ventricules that prevent turbulence
On the opposite side of the Crista Terminalis is what? If you continue past the Crista Terminales some muscles can be found, what are they?  
Sulcus Terminalis, Pectinate Muscles
Another name for the Purkinje fibers are the   Another name for Botalli's Ligament is
Rami subendocardiales   Lig Arteriousum, connecting the Pulmonary trunk and Aorta originating for the fetal Ductus Arteriosus
What ligament connects the pericardium to what and in which species?
The lig phrenicopericardium connects the heart to the diaphram in the Ca The lig sternopericardiumcardiaca connects the heart to the sternum in Ru and Su In Eq the lig sternopericardiacum connects to the sternum
A structure connects the Rt ventricle septum to the outer wall, what is it and what does it do?
Trabecula Septomarginalis, it carries the Purkinje fibers from the right bundle to the outer wall
What are the sinuses of the Pericardium
Transversus Pericardii - between the aorta and pulm trunk and the Obliquus Pericardii -formed by the invagination of the pericardium, a pouch between the left and right pulmonary veins and the left atrium
The pericardium encloses three structures, what are they?
The oesophagus, the heart and the trachea
The contraction of the heart is also know as the
A small structure can be found between the openings of the caudal and cranial vena cava inside the right atrium, what is it called?
The Intervenous Tubercle
What are the layers surrounding the heart
Pluera Pericardicaa, Pericardium Fibrosum, Pericardia Serosum with the two layers the lamina parietalis and the lamina viscerales. Between the viscral and parietal layers is the cavuum pericardii which is filled with the liquor pericardii   The lamina visceralis is continous with the epicardium. The other muscluar layers of the heart are the myocardium and the endocardium
The "skeleton" of the heart is called the ______. It often ossifies in older _______
Anulus Fibrosi, ossifies in Ru
What depression is found int the Right Atrial wall
The fossa ovalis, reminant of the foramen ovale, which shunted blood to bypass the lungs in the infant. It is found near the coronary sinus
In what two species does the subsinousal interventrical branch arise for the left coronary artery? From the right?
left - Dog and Ru   Right - eq and su
Name the path of propagation for the conduction system of the heart
SA node, autonoumous spreads to AV node. Once it reaches the AV node it spreads down via the Fasiculus Atroventriculares (also known as the Bundles of His) and then down to the Purkinje Fibers.   This spread happens through gap junctions, the cells conducting the heart are modified myocytes
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