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plateaus, mountains, valleys, and plains are all examples of
Pee Dee River
The ______ is a South Carolina river that originates in the Applalachian Mountains.
Santee River
The __________ is a river in South Carolina in the central coastal plain.
Edisto River
The __________ is the longest undimmed river in North America. Its mouth is at Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Savannah River
The ______ is a major river that divides Georgia and South Carolina
Blue Ridge Region
The _________ covers the northwestern corner of the United States.
To the northwest of the Atlantic Coastal Plain
Outer Coastal Plain
The _________ covers two thirds of South Carolina from the Atlantic coast extending west.
Sandhills Region
The ______ runs southwest to the northeast of the outer plain.
Inner Coastal Plains
Most fertile soil is found in the rolling hills of the _________.
Coastal Zone
The ______ includes miles of beaches, marshes, and islands.
Moving from one region or area to another is called __________.
natural resources
Water, land, forests, and minerals are examples of ____________.
__________ is determined by temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, and wind.
__________ is the cultivating of land; the raising of crops; and the feeding, breeding, and raising of livestock.
economic development
__________ is how products are mad, bought, and sold in a country or area.
Hernando de Soto
A Spanish Explorer who was the first European to discover the Mississippi River.
Jean Ribault
A French naval officer who helped colonize the Southeastern United States.
Juan Pardo
A Spanish explorer who established the first Spanish settlement in South Carolina.
Henry Woodward
The first British colonist and was instrumental in pioneering and establishing relationships with many Native Americans through initiating trade of deerskin.
William Hilton
an English explorer who established the first descriptions of the Carolina Coast.
The Indians who were located near the souther bank of the Savannah River and controlled most of the lower inland were called the __________.
Cherokee Indians
The __________ based their society on hunting, trading, and agriculture.
Catawba Indians
The __________ were often called "people of the river" because they settled on the banks of the Catawba River located in York County, South Carolina.
European colonization
_______________ is when Europeans began to migrate to America.
Native Americans
The indigenous peoples from the regions of North American are known as _____________.
Lords Proprietors
The title for the ruling people of the British proprietary colonies was
The Gullah
__________ are African Americans who live in the Low Country region of South Carolina and Georgia, which includes both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands.
British Tea Act
A tax on tea was placed. This was called the ____________.
Intolerable Acts
The British were angered by the Boston Tea Party, so they passed the ____________ which were laws that punished the Massachusetts colony for protesting the tea tax.
__________ is another word for revolt.
Declaration of Independence
A document written in 1776 that said American colonies were free and independent states is called the _______________.
Thomas Sumter
__________ was a patriot and militia leader who fought in the battle of Fort Sullivan.
Andrew Pickens
The man who helped fight the Battle of Cowpens, the Battle of Ninety Six, and the Battle of Eutaw Springs was __________.
Francis Marion
The first royal governor of South Carolina was ________________.
Battle of Cowpens
One of the important battles in the American Revolution was the __________ under Daniel Morgan.
Kings Mountain
____________ was a battle fought in October 1780 and was an important victory during the Revolutionary War since it was the first victory to occur after the British invaded Charleston.
Branches of Government
Executive, judicial and legislative are the _____________________.
executive branch
The governor is the head of the _____________ and puts laws into effect.
judicial branch
The ___________ decides how to apply laws fairly.
legislative branch
The branch that passes the laws is called the __________.
The Civil War
The war in the United States between the Union and the Confederacy was called the ______________________.
Cotton Gin
A machine that cleans cotton bolls off their seeds is the _______________________.
The practice of owning people as property and forcing them to work is called ________________.
states' rights
John C. Calhoun supported _____________, the thought that each state had the right to make its own decisions.
Secession Convention
The convention held in 1860 when South Carolina voted to break away from the United States was called the ____________________________.
firing on Fort Sumter
The ________________________ was the beginning of the Civil War.
Union blockade of Charleston
The _____________________________ made it hard to get goods, weapons, and other supplies into and out of Southern ports.
Sherman's March
__________________________, led by William T. Sherman, burned towns, plantations, and cotton storage.
textile industry
The ______________________ became very important in South Carolina after the Civil War. Towns and communities grew around textile mills.
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