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1 cu.ft = ? gallons
Standard Pressure
14.7 OSI or 33.9\' of water column
1 cu.m =
1 ml. or 1 gm
1 mg/L
1 ppm
lifting 550 lbs 1\' in 1 second or lifting 1 lb 550\' in 1 second
Fahrenheit to Celsius
Celsius to Fahrenheit
C x 9/5 + 32
Area of cone
1/2 x H x C
Volume of cone
1/3 x pi x r2 x H
Area of sphere
pi x D2
Volume of sphere
1/6 x pi x D3
Pounds (lb/day) or lbs BOD applied (Inf BOD)
Concentration (mg/L) (Primary Eff BOD,TSS, Ammonia, etc) x Flow or Volume (MGD or MG) x 8.34
Removal efficiency %
(In/Out)/In x 100
Detention time
Volume in Gallons / Flow in gal/be
Sludge removed (dry lbs)
(InfSS - EfSS) x MGD x 8.34
Sludge Removed (Wet lbs)
Sludge removed ( dry lbs) x 100/% dry solids in sludge
Sludge Removed (gallons)
Sludge removed (wet lbs) / 8.34
Pumping time (min)
Sludge Removed (gal) / pumping rate
Sludge removed (MGD)
Sludge removed (dry lbs) / % dry solids (mg/L) x 8.34
Surface Loading Rate
gal/hr or day / surface area
Hydraulic loading rate
Total Flow Applied (gpd) / surface area
Organic Loading Rate
Inf BOD ( lb/day) / Volume (1000 cu.ft)
Spulkraft flushing rate
(Hydraulic loading (cu.m / sq.m x hr) x 1000 mm/m) / (number of arms x RPM x 60 min/hr)
cu.m/sq.m x hr
gpd/sf x 0.0017
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