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where CSF leaves the ventricular system and enters the space surrounding the entire CNS *located between the cerebellum and the medulla
cerebral cortex
grey matter covering of the hemispheres. Consists of neurons, dendrites and synapses
basal ganglia
腦部基底核; consists of caudate nucleus putamen globus pallidus claustrum for movement call, put? go crazy
midbrain, pons, medulla
developing brains
telencephalon diencephalon mesencephalon metencephalon myelencephalon tell Diana Misha met myelephant
前腦; becomes telencephalon and diencephalon later
菱腦; becomes metencephalon and myelencephalon
nucleus of cranial nerves is situated in
reticular formation
網狀結構; central core of brainstem 3 functions: Ascending Descending Respiratory and cardiovascular centers
respiratory and cardiovascular centers location
in brainstem, in medulla
vertebrae nerves in order
8 Cranial 12 Thoracic 5 Lumbar 5 Sacral 1 coccygeal cyanide tastes like sweet candy
cranial nerves
Olfactory Optic Oculomotor Trochlear Trigeminal Abducen Facial Vestibulochlear Glossopharyngeal Vagus Spinalaccessory Hypoglossal One old Olympian towering tops, a famous vocal genius views some hops
a bundle of axons found outside CNS eg. spinal nerves
all levels of the brainstem contain
white matter
spinal cord enlargements
found in cervical and lumbar Regions (for hands and legs respectively ) ie. chir and leg
cerebral aqueduct
connects the 3rd and 4th ventricle
arachnoid mater
heavily vascularized by veins, because it is where CSF gets reabsorbed into veins (at villus)
most CSF are found in
subarachnoid space
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